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Chicago moves toward gun rights

Chicago moves toward gun rights

This week has two important developments for a state with strict gun-control laws

Illinois now has nation's second highest property taxes

Newly constructed single family homes are shown for sale in San Diego
Will it soon claim first place?

Illinois SCRAMBLES to recall 30,000 Obamacare applications

U.S. President Barack Obama pauses as he speaks about the Affordable Care Act at Prince George's Community College in Largo, Maryland September 26, 2013. Obama on Tuesday highlighted the benefits of U.S. healthcare reform, a week before one of the controversial law's key elements, new insurance exchanges, go live. Millions of uninsured Americans will be able to sign up for coverage under President Barack Obama's healthcare reform beginning on Oct. 1, kicking off the most sweeping social program since the launch of Medicare for the elderly in the 1960s. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
The coverage deadline is next week

Guess which political party boasts this disgustingly racist district attorney

Charles Garnati. Photo: YouTube screenshot/The Southern Illinoisan

‘Now in our white world, ladies and gentlemen…’

Global warming to blame for Midwest tornadoes and thunderstorms?

Oklahoma tornado video

Former UN official: Rupert Murdoch, Kochs ‘have more & more blood on their hands’

Bienvenidos! Minorities to surpass whites in Illinois public schools

Hispanic kids in school. Photo: Getty Images

Chicago suburbs, exurbs cope with mass Hispanic migration

Concealed carry won't make Illinois more dangerous

Concealed Carry Illinois.JPEG

This week, the Land of Lincoln became the fiftieth state to legalize concealed carry.

Illinois becomes last state to allow concealed carry

School Shooting Self Defense.JPEG

Governor tried to block measure

Illinois residents dodge a bullet and bite the bullet - Jorge Amselle

Concealed Carry Illinois.JPEG

“Even in the most statist of states, provisions exist to allow for concealed carry even if no one is ever issued a permit”

Ballot-fraud convictions shed light on Obama's '08 Indiana campaign


Democratic Party bigwigs conspired to forge signatures in order to get Obama and Hillary Clinton on the ballot

SEC's focus on Illinois pension shenanigans is welcome, but not enough

Is the SEC letting states get away with fraud?

Ill. GOP chair may be removed for gay marriage support


Party official in trouble for saying GOP is on ‘the wrong side of history’

Obama pardons 2 convicts represented by one of his early Illinois donors

President Obama pardons Liberty, a 19-week old, 45-pound turkey, just before Thanksgiving in 2011. Lauren Rock/AP.

Perps reportedly sold counterfeits at a shopping mall

Lawmaker pushes to kill Internet anonymity


Bill part of a larger trend of lawmakers seeking to censor anonymous online speech

Illinois Senate passes same-sex marriage bill, headed for House

Illinois-Gay Marriage

Gov. Pat Quinn: ‘Marriage equality is coming to Illinois’

Illinois' awkward Valentine's Day ticket ad for Penn State game

Illinois Valentine's Tickets

Illinois overlooked a key detail in its advertisement

Illinois governor to propose minimum wage increase

Pat Quinn

Gov. Pat Quinn would like to see minimum wage workers earning $10 an hour

Lottery winner's death investigated as murder [VIDEO] - WGN9 Chicago

This undated photo provided by the Illinois Lottery shows Urooj Khan, 46, of Chicago's West Rogers Park neighborhood, posing with a winning lottery ticket. / AP Photo/Illinois Lottery.

Win big, die fast case has suspicions raised in the Windy City