Police Gun Down Four ISIS Swordsmen In Latest Islamic Terror Attack In Indonesia

World | Joshua Gill
'Members of an IS-affiliated group'

Samurai Sword-Wielding Terrorists Storm Indonesian Police Station

World | Joseph Lafave
The attackers are linked to the Islamic State

Pope Prays For Christians Killed By Pre-Teen ISIS Suicide Bombers

World | Joshua Gill
'Grave attacks on places of worship'

String Of Deadly Terrorist Attacks Rocks Muslim-Majority Indonesia In Just 24 Hours

World | Ryan Pickrell
Some of the attackers were young children

Two Sisters, 9 And 12, Headed Out With Their Parents. What The Family Did Next Left Many Dead And 3 Churches Destroyed

World | Will Racke
The family's mother and two daughters, ages 9 and 12, detonated suicide vests

Endangered Apes Face 'Existential' Threat From Clean Energy Project

Energy | Tim Pearce
The ugly side of 'clean' energy

A 12-Year-Old Stole His Mom's Credit Card For Bali Trip, Checked Into Flight And Hotel By Himself

World | Gabrielle Okun

World's Fourth Biggest Country Threatens To Shut Down Facebook

World | Eric Lieberman
'I have no hesitation to do it again'

We've Got A New Harambe Level Zoo Scandal On Our Hands

World | Jena Greene
Start the picketing

Swordsman Attacks Catholic Church In Indonesia

World | Joshua Gill
'Decapitating statues of Christ'

Indonesian Airline To Use All Male Staff On Flights To Region That Demanded Stewardesses Wear Hijabs

World | Joshua Gill
'Local wisdom'

Indonesian Islamists Are Shockingly Close To Passing A Law Jailing Unmarried Couples

World | Jack Crowe
'Women being tricked by men into sexual relations'

Watch Indonesian Special Forces Eat Live Snakes To Honor Sec. Mattis [VIDEO]

Defense | Jena Greene
Jaw dropping footage

Drinking Blood And Walkin' On Fire — Jim Mattis' Party With Indonesian Special Forces Was LIT Fam!

World | Ryan Pickrell
He appeared to get a kick out of it

Dozens Fall As Second Story Collapses At Indonesia's Stock Exchange

World | Tim Pearce
'Slabs of concrete started to fall'

'Rays Of Fire' Spewing From An Indonesian Volcano Threaten 100,000 Lives, Authorities Say

Energy | Tim Pearce
'The bigger eruption ... is getting closer'

Country With Massive Smoking Rate Rejects The Science Of Vaping

Daily Vaper | Steve Birr
'Become regular smokers'

An Indonesian Island Is On Red Alert Because Of An Active Volcano

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Danger zone'

Indonesian Man Overstays Fulbright Visa By Decades To Teach Koran, Hides In Church To Avoid Deportation

US | Joshua Gill
'Considered an ICE fugitive'

Apple Might Suck, But This Is Why We Aren't Switching From iPhone

Tech | Liam Clancy

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