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American astronaut snaps the first Instagram from space

ISS on Instagram

‘Back on ISS, life is good’

NASA: By 2017 astronauts will launch from America, not Russia

A Falcon 9 rocket carrying a small science satellite for Canada is seen as it is launched from a newly refurbished launch pad in Vandenberg Air Force Station

No more ‘thumbing rides from the Russians’

NASA suspends all contact with Russia over Ukraine annexation

NASA handout of astronaut Hopkins, participating in the second of two spacewalks

‘Only operational International Space Station activities have been excepted’

Elon Musk and Space X want to colonize Mars in a decade

Elon Musk and Charles Bolden address SpaceX employees at the SpaceX facility in Hawthorne

‘It will make the Apollo moon rocket look small’

Stuxnet virus infected the International Space Station

Still image taken from video shows the Soyuz spacecraft as it docks with the International Space Station

The infection appears to have happened in May

Google's April Fools' Day jokes revealed

Space Station.JPEG

Search engine finds its funny bone

NASA loses, restores communication with International Space Station - TheDC

Endeavour Orbits Earth Docked To International Space Station

Ground stations in Russia link up astronauts after satellite link failure

SpaceX will try 1st private cargo run again Tues. - AP

Private Space.JPEG

The U.S. company is the first private business to attempt to launch a spacecraft with supplies to the International Space Station.

SpaceX test fires rocket headed to International Space Station - Fox News

Test Rocket

SpaceX is one of two private companies with contracts to provide unmanned space cargo flights to the space station for NASA.

SpaceX confirms plans to launch first private spaceship to ISS - Yahoo! News

Test Rocket

SpaceX and several other companies are competing to be the first to operate a private capsule that could tote astronauts and cargo to the ISS, after NASA retired its shuttle program last year.

Private company delays 1st space station visit - AP

Test Rocket

The Dragon spacecraft will be first private ship to go to the station.

This Week: Facebook Privacy, USF Reform, LightSquared and the TSA - Hillicon Valley

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talks about Open Graph during the f/8 conference in San Francisco, Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011. Facebook is dramatically redesigning its users' profile pages to create what Zuckerberg says is a "new way to express who you are." (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

This week in tech policy: Policy makers focus on consumer rights, privacy, technology education, space and job growth.

NASA releases images of 9/11 taken from space station - CNN

Travel Trip Sept 11 Ground Zero

Astronaut Frank Culbertson took photographs as station passed over New York

Russia plans to crash International Space Station in 2020 without US input - Fox News


NASA officials oppose plan to sink expensive space station into the Pacific

NASA considers deflecting space junk with lasers - The Daily Mail

To prevent space junk from colliding with satellites, NASA looks to lasers

Is the privatization of space the next frontier? - TheDC

Fiscal conservatives and free-market leaders hosted a press conference Tuesday to encourage increased privatization of the space industry

Are we heading for a space bubble? - Tech Review

Bubbles aren’t uncommon in the space industry as engineering often gets ahead of demand for certain technologies

Space oddity -

NASA has launched a new contest that allows the public to pick wake-up songs for astronauts flying on the agency’s two final space shuttle missions

Life in space makes humans 'weak' - The Telegraph

Study: Astronauts’ muscles deteriorate after months in space