NASA Astronaut To Return From International Space Station

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A NASA image showing the International Space Station as it flew over Madagascar showing three of the five spacecraft docked to the station

And new astronauts will arrive

NASA Funds Interstellar Spaceflight And Human Hibernation Research

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NASA sign in Orlando, Florida/USA at the Kennedy space center museum entrance. April 10, 2013. Ingus Kruklitis /

The interstellar spacecraft laser drive could potentially replace rocketry.

22 Incredible Photographs Of Earth Taken By Scott Kelly [SLIDESHOW]

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Scott Kelly's photo of Africa from the space station (Scott Kelly/Twitter)

These are absolutely stunning

UFO Enthusiasts FREAK OUT Over This Photo. Real Or Fake?

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Brightening a Tweet in photoshop reveals that the alleged UFO is likely part of the International Space Station

‘The truth is out there … maybe’

Space Travel Changes Whisky Taste, Study Says

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Undated picture of International Space Station

‘Noticeably different’

Watch How Close SpaceX Came To Landing A Rocket

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‘We got some killer footage’

There's A Lot More To Launching Astronauts To The ISS Than You Think -- This Short Video Explains It

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‘We’re going to talk about rocket science, and it’s really not that hard, I promise’

Photos Of Friday's Solar Eclipse From Around The World And In Space

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Stunning views 2015’s single solar eclipse

Rare Storm Creates The Largest, Most Vivid Aurora You've Ever Seen

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Astronauts capture incredible photos and video from the ISS

Russia Throws Tantrum, Takes All Its Space Toys And Goes Home

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Still image taken from NASA handout video shows flight engineers Hopkins and Mastracchio performing series of spacewalks outside International Space Station

On its way to going to the moon

Possible Ammonia Leak Forces Evacuation Of US Section Of International Space Station

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Still image taken from NASA handout video shows flight engineers Hopkins and Mastracchio performing series of spacewalks outside International Space Station

Ammonia leak would be ‘worst case scenario’

Scare For Astronauts As Toxic Gas Alarm Blares

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The sun is captured over Earth's horizon by one of the Expedition 36 crew members aboard the International Space Station

‘Controllers are assessing’

Damaged SpaceX Drone Ship Returns To Port After Failed Rocket Landing Impact

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‘Rocket made it to drone spaceport ship, but landed hard. Close, but no cigar this time’

Get Your 'Interstellar' Fix By Watching The Latest Soyuz Spacecraft Dock With The ISS

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Video shows latest astronaut crew docking with the ISS Monday

Russia Will Launch Its Own Space Station By 2017

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The Milky Way is pictured in this handout photo from the International Space Station

‘The new station will be located geometrically more advantageous’

Boeing And SpaceX Win NASA Contracts For New Manned Spaceflight Programs

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A 19-story Atlas 5 rocket built by United Launch Alliance streaks across the sky after lifting off from Cape Canaveral

Companies split contract for first manned American spaceflight program since 2011