Obama Admin Wants To Surrender US Control Over Internet To Global Bureaucracy

Daily Caller News Foundation | Eric Lieberman
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Why is no one talking about this?

Obama Admin Has To Explain Why It Paid Iran Ransom In Untraceable Cash

Daily Caller News Foundation | Russ Read
Members of Iran's Basij militia march during a parade to commemorate the anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88), in Tehran September 22, 2010. REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl

‘This discrepancy raises questions about the nature of the payments’

The Iran Deal Echo Chamber Strikes Back

Opinion | Jonathan Greenberg
Women walk near the arches of Sio-se Pol (Thirty-three Arch Bridge) over Zayand-e Rud river in Isfahan ahead of the March 14 parliament elections in this picture taken March 11, 2008. The Zayand-e Rud river which was built in the 17th century, has been dammed to ensure adequate flowing water during the Iranian new year holiday which is celebrated on the first day of spring. Picture taken March 11, 2008. REUTERS/Steve Crisp (IRAN)

The Iran deal has totally changed the political and economic reality on the ground — to our strategic disadvantage.

Leaked Powell Emails Reveal Secret Israel Nuke Count

Daily Caller News Foundation | Saagar Enjeti
Military vehicles carrying missiles travel past Tiananmen Gate in Beijing Thursday Sept. 3, 2015. REUTERS/Andy Wong/Pool

‘The boys in Tehran know Israel has…’

$37 Million Of Obama's Ransom To Iran Could Go To Funding Terrorism

Daily Caller News Foundation | Russ Read
Members of Iran's Basij militia march during a parade to commemorate the anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88), in Tehran September 22, 2010. REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl

‘Paying ransoms in exchange for Americans held abroad is one bad policy—indirectly funding terrorism is another’

Iran Calls For Eliminating Saudi Arabia's National Religion

Daily Caller News Foundation | Russ Read
Supporters of Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr burn posters of King Salman of Saudi Arabia against the execution of Shi'ite Muslim cleric Nimr al-Nimr in Saudi Arabia, during a demonstration in Kerbala January 4, 2016. REUTERS/Ahmed al-Husseini

‘This is, in Twitter parlance, epic trolling’

Iran Threatened To Shoot Down 33 US Navy Aviators In International Airspace

Daily Caller News Foundation | Saagar Enjeti
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei waves as he arrives to address workers in Tehran, Iraq, April 27, 2016. Leader.ir/Handout via REUTERS

‘It’s one thing to tell someone to get off your lawn, but we weren’t on their lawn’

Millionaire On Food Stamps Claims To Be Besties With Trump

Daily Caller News Foundation | Thomas Phippen
U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump eats the whipped cream off of his hot chocolate at the Chez-Vauchon restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire February 7, 2016. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

‘I’ve had lunch with him many times ‘

Oliver North Recounts 9/11, Looks To The Future Of America

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ginni Thomas

‘Why aren’t we fighting to win?’

An Interview With The Sweet Meteor Of Death

Opinion | Mary Powers
Sweet Meteor of Death

The Sweet Meteor of Death 2016 has over 23,000 Twitter followers and promised to be tough on Putin and Iran along with destroying all Earthly life.

Millionaire Busted For Taking Food Stamps, Welfare

Daily Caller News Foundation | Thomas Phippen
Middle Eastern millionaire owns a BMW, Lexus, and gets food stamps Photo: Zurijeta/Shutterstock

Has a $4.2 million Swiss bank account, gets food stamps

Why Aleppo Matters: Syrian Army Just Broke Islamist Stronghold

Daily Caller News Foundation | Saagar Enjeti
Men inspect a damaged site after double airstrikes on the rebel held Bab al-Nairab neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria, August 27, 2016. REUTERS/Abdalrhman Ismail

‘Reinstated the siege’

Iran Totally Bamboozled Western Media Into Believing ISIS Banned The Burka

Daily Caller News Foundation | Russ Read
Afghan women shop for jewelry. Source: Lizette Potgieter/Shutterstock

‘The Afghani thing, no one ever wore that’

Hillary's State Dept. Counsel: 'Clinton Supports' The 'Wise' $1.7 Billion Iran Ransom

Elections | Christian Datoc

‘This was really very wise diplomacy’

Obama Paid Iran Another $1.3 Billion In CASH

Daily Caller News Foundation | Saagar Enjeti
Iranian documentary shows a pallet of cash sent to Iran from the U.S. Source: YouTube Screengrab

‘it was not ransom’

Seven Iranian Attack Boats Swarm US Navy Ship In The Persian Gulf

Daily Caller News Foundation | Russ Read
Military personnel participates in the Velayat-90 war game on Sea of Oman near Strait of Hormuz in southern Iran

‘This caused the Firebolt to have to maneuver to have to avoid collision’

Justice Against State Sponsors of Terror -- But Not Iran?

Opinion | Clare M. Lopez
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani speaks during a news conference in Islamabad, Pakistan, March 26, 2016. REUTERS/Faisal Mahmood/File Photo

The Obama administration is racing to complete its blueprint for a Middle East subordinated to Iran’s nuclear-powered hegemony

Iran Is Back In The Global Oil Game

Daily Caller News Foundation | Andrew Follett
Red Pumpjack And Spilled Oil Over Iranian Money. (Shutterstock/3Dsculptor)

Bad news for Saudi Arabia

Iran, Missiles, and Congress -- Another Mistake?

Opinion | Steven L. Mosteiro
Atlas 5 United Launch Alliance rocket lifts off from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station carrying NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution spacecraft in Cape Canaveral

By limiting the amount of Russian rocket engines purchased by the U.S., Congress is putting the long-range weapons in Iranian hands.

Saudis Are Sick Of Cheap Oil, Losing Billions Of Dollars

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, Saudi King Salman, and Saudi Arabia's Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman stand together after Saudi Arabia's cabinet agrees to implement a broad reform plan known as Vision 2030 in Riyadh

‘Saudi Arabia does not want to crash the price’