Pentagon Slams General For Making His Aide Pick Up Laundry, Mail Toothpaste To Iraq

Politics | Thomas Phippen
'I was literally eating standing up and grabbing whatever I could, and then, you know, approving the strike'

Women File For Divorce To Sever Ties With ISIS Husbands

World | Vandana Rambaran
'A huge increase' in the past three months

Iraq Sentences 12 To Death After PM Calls For Immediate Executions For All Terrorists

World | Hanna Bogorowski
Iraq sentenced 12 people convicted on terrorism charges

Asylum Numbers Significantly Drop In EU

World | Gabrielle Okun
'Political will'

'We're America, B*tch': Official Describes The Trump Doctrine

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'We’re the ‘F*ck Obama’ Doctrine'

Bombing In Baghdad Occurs Hours After Government Calls For Election Recount

World | Vandana Rambaran
The prime minister's office is calling the attack 'a terrorist aggression on civilians'

Suicide Bomber Kills At Least 4 In Baghdad

World | Joseph Lafave
ISIS is suspected

Former ISIS Terrorist Sentenced To Death By Hanging

World | Joseph Lafave
'Among the most wanted foreign terrorists'

Cleric Who Led Uprising Against US Troops Wins Iraq Election

World | Will Racke
Anti-US, anti-Iran

Iraq Captured Five ISIS Commanders In Cross-Border Sting Operation -- Here's How They Did It

Defense | Will Racke
'The noose is tightening'

Journalist Who Flung Shoes At George W. Bush Is Running For Office In Iraq

World | Will Racke
'I don't have any issue with America or Americans'

Terrorists Are Receiving More One-Way Tickets To The Afterlife As US-Led Coalition Forces Bomb The Crap Out Of Terrorists

World | Ryan Pickrell
Stepping up the bombing campaign in Afghanistan

Iraq Strikes ISIS Fighters Inside Syria After Coordinating With Assad

Defense | Will Racke
Mutual interest

The Pentagon Used To Report On Our Overseas Troops. Now, They Are Hiding The Numbers

Defense | Ryan Pickrell
Blank spaces for Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan

Parents Respond With Hot Oil And Broomstick Beatings To Daughter's Arranged-Marriage Refusal

US | Joshua Gill
'This wasn't a regular missing persons case'

The Army Division That Just Took Command In Iraq Has A Legendary History

Defense | Joseph Lafave
They are relieving the 1st Armored Division

A Syrian-Born Terrorist Has Been Convicted In Federal Court

US | Joseph Lafave

US Military Rocks ISIS With 23 Devastating Airstrikes

Defense | Joseph Lafave
This is what we destroyed just last week

US Helicopter Crash In Western Iraq Kills 7 Crew Members

Defense | Will Racke
'Rescue teams are responding'

Iraq Sentences Turkish ISIS Brides To Death By Hanging

World | Will Racke
'Helping them carry out terrorist attacks'

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