US Allies In Syria Lockdown Raqqa Due To Possible ISIS Infiltrations

World | Joseph Lafave
'declared a state of emergency'

Islamic Radical Suspected Of Killing Eight In New York Praises Allah And Defends ISIS In Court

US | Joshua Gill
'Fighting to impose Sharia on earth'

US Citizen Found Guilty Of 'Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIS'

National Security | Jessica Jenkins
He tried to cross the border into Syria

ISIS Terrorist Who Plotted To Kill Theresa May Is Now On Trial

World | Joseph Lafave
Plotting a suicide bombing on Parliment

Wisconsin Woman Charged With Hacking Social Media To Spread ISIS Propaganda

US | Vandana Rambaran
Dais was 'promoting ISIS's agenda'

Germany Foils Islamic Extremist Plot To Carry Out Attack With Deadly Ricin Toxin

World | Will Racke
'In the jihadist spectrum'

ISIS Suicide Blast in Kabul Kills 12, Wounds 31

World | Joseph Lafave
The victims include men, women and children

US Military Partners Stomp ISIS And Foil Suicide Bombing

World | Joseph Lafave
All 7 terrorists were killed

EXCLUSIVE: NYT Reporters Say 'F**k The Military,' Promote Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories, Tweet The N-Word

Media | Justin Caruso
Read what they said.

Suspected ISIS Fighter Refuses To Be Released By The US In Syria

World | Vandana Rambaran
Suspect was captured at a checkpoint in Syria in September 2017

Afghan President Pitches Cease-Fire Agreement To Taliban During Ramadan

World | Joseph Lafave
The agreement would not include ISIS

OPINION: Political Leaders Cannot Allow Slippery Tech Tycoons To Evade Tough Questions On Terrorist Propaganda

Opinion | David Isben
At least a dozen terror groups including Hamas and Boko Haram actively use Facebook to recruit

ISIS Claims Suicide Attack An Afghanistan's Top Muslim Clerics On Hour After Imams Denounced Its Use

World | Joshua Gill
'Tyrant clerics'

Suicide Bomber Attacks Afghanistan's Top Imams, Kills 7

World | Joshua Gill
'It does nothing but shed the blood of Muslims'

Royal Family Will Not Hide Out After ISIS Supporter Calls For Attack On Prince George

World | Virginia Kruta
He will continue to attend school...

US Military Says Strikes Against ISIS Up 123% In May

World | Joseph Lafave
Supporting Operation Roundup

Wannabe Jihadi Gets 17 Years Prison For Attempted Terrorist Attack

US | Joseph Lafave
He pledged allegiance to ISIS

More Proof CAIR Is The Worst

Politics | Peter Hasson
'Hundreds. Every year.'

US Allies Arrest French-Born ISIS Leader Wanted For Attacks In Paris And Nice

World | Joseph Lafave
One of the 'most dangerous' of the French jihadist

After Google Plus Failed To Compete With Facebook And Twitter, The Site Became A Bastion Of Pro-ISIS Propaganda

Tech | Kyle Perisic
An 'abandoned warehouse where ISIS comes to work'

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