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Hannity To Rep. Gutierrez: 'If Something Happens, I Will Blame Members Of Congress'

It’s a fight over border security and ISIS

Charlie Rangel Calls For War Tax And The Draft If We Go To War With ISIS

‘force every American to evaluate whether … they’re prepared’

Bolton Spends $50k On Online Ads Criticizing Obama

Ads to appear in New York, DC, Los Angeles and San Francisco

Why ISIS Isn't The Whole Picture

Mideast Jordan Radical Preacher.JPEG

The root is radical Islam, and our strategy must take that into account.

McCain's Slip Of The Tongue Only Fuels Internet Rumors

‘Has Rand Paul ever been to Syria?’

Obama's Anti-ISIS Alliance Not Ready, Says White House

U.S. President Barack Obama departs the White House Press Briefing Room after addressing reporters in Washington, August 28, 2014. REUTERS/Larry Downing

Maybe next week, says White House spokesman

Senators Claim Passing NSA Reform Could Help ISIS

Sen. Marco Rubio is interviewed at Reuters Health Summit 2014 in Washington

‘I’m also concerned about eroding our capability to gather actionable intelligence’

The Obama Administration Answers War With Phony War

U.S. President Obama delivers a live televised address to the nation on his plans for military action against the Islamic State, from the Cross Hall of the White House in Washington

The president has failed to answer any of the major questions about his strategy for defeating ISIS.

The Real Problem With Ted Cruz's Remarks To Persecuted Christians

Senator Ted Cruz walks during the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner

Don’t count on him ever admitting that American foreign policy has helped drain the Middle East of them.

Obama Reportedly Hesitant To Act In City Of Beheadings

‘Then who would administer Raqqa’

ABC's Martha Raddatz, CBS's Bob Schieffer Ask McDonough, Kerry 'Are We At War?'

White House officials discuss ‘war’ terminology as military action announced vs. ISIS

Sen. Graham: Obama's ISIS Plan Is A Delusional Fantasy

‘All this has come home to roost after the last three years of incompetent decisions’

ISIS Beheads British Hostage, Threaten To Behead Another

Third journalist beheaded