Stop Shopping Until You Drop -- Or Until A Terrorist Drops You

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
Muslims hold placards as they march towards the U.S. embassy in London May 6, 2011. On the frontline of the war against terrorism -- and Britain is undoubtedly a frontline -- private initiatives hint at the failure of state-sponsored efforts to counter jihad. Almost six years on from a massive coordinated terror attack on London's transport system, the main nationwide programme to deter young men from extremism still hasn't moved past mistrust and suspicion. Picture taken May 6, 2011. To match Special Report BRITAIN-MUSLIMS/RADICALS REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett

People will increasingly have to secede from the public square to avoid radical Islam.

Heyo! Saudi Cleric Thinks Women's Brains Shrink When They Go Shopping, Drive

World | Anders Hagstrom
Hijab. Getty Images

‘How can it give it to a woman’

Anti-Islamic Discrimination Rising In Countries Attacked By Jihadis

US | Joshua Gill
Muslims hold Friday prayers in front of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy October 21, 2016, to protest against the closure of unlicensed mosques. (REUTERS/Tony Gentile)

‘Perilous consequences’

Diversity Is Radical Islam's Greatest Weakness

Opinion | Lawrence Sellin
Shi'ite fighters hold an image of the Islamic State flag after clashes with IS militants in Saqlawiya, north of Falluja, Iraq, June 4, 2016. REUTERS/Stringer

Exploiting fractures in the ideology could allow the U.S. to achieve its goals with less blood.

Rampant European Terror Attacks Support Trump's Call To Get Tougher On Terrorists

Opinion | James Merse

Our president is committed is not afraid to name the problem: radical Islamists.

FAITH FILE: OK, Let's Talk About Cheap Sex, Women And Jesus

Opinion | Mark Tapscott
Prisca Korein, a 62-year-old traditional surgeon, holds razor blades before carrying out female genital mutilation on teenage girls from the Sebei tribe in Bukwa district, about 357 kms (214 miles) northeast of Kampala, December 15, 2008. The ceremony was to initiate the teenagers into womanhood according to Sebei traditional rites. REUTERS/James Akena

Online dating has become ‘a remarkably efficient cheap sex delivery system.’

China’s Risky Investment In Pakistan

Opinion | Lawrence Sellin
A boy holds a national flag as he watches an air show to celebrate the 70th Independence Day in Islamabad

The countries are making a huge bet that economic development can coexist with the infrastructure of terrorism.

Credulous Journalists Help Islamists Thrive

Opinion | Sam Westrop
A woman holds a sign that shows the Rabaa hand gesture, which symbolizes support for the Muslim Brotherhood, during a march with protesters from Islamic Movement, a faction of Sudan's ruling National Congress Party, against the Egyptian court's decision this week to seek the death penalty for Egypt's ousted Islamist president Mohamed Mursi after Friday prayers in Khartoum, Sudan May 22, 2015. Around 800 protesters marched through Sudan's capital on Friday against the decision. REUTERS/Stringer

By failing to identify extremists, the media is making it almost impossible, to identify and support the moderates.

College Instructor Says Right-Wing Terrorism More Threatening Than Islamic Terrorism

Education | Rob Shimshock
An Iraqi special forces soldier shoots dead a would-be Islamic State suicide bomber in Mosul, Iraq, March 3, 2017. Goran Tomasevic: "I was accompanying an Iraqi counter-terrorism military unit into a district of western Mosul held by Islamic State. I had spent some time "embedded" with the counter-terrorism force so they allowed me to follow their advance. We were moving on foot through side streets, with soldiers searching house-to-house to clear the way. Turning a corner into a more exposed main street, we suddenly came under heavy fire from IS, which forced us to race inside a nearby house for cover. In so doing, a soldier near me was fatally shot in the back, while once inside the house another was shot in the head by a sniper as I was speaking with him. We were in a dangerous situation, pinned down by IS fire, though the militants were kept back for the time being by air strikes called in by the unit commander, plus intensified mortar fire from our side. Hours passed by and daylight faded to night. Suddenly soldiers near me began shouting, shooting broke out and I saw one soldier shooting a would-be IS suicide bomber trying to approach the house door. I took the picture seconds later standing just behind the shooter in silhouette, with the suicide bomber visible through a shell hole in the house wall, dead on the ground in a spreading pool of blood. It was pretty heavy stuff, extremely close-range war fighting. But I have covered the front lines of many wars so I just stay calm in these tough spots and think only how I can shoot the best pictures while seizing the right moment to pull back out of harm's way. This time, we had to wait until just after dawn the next day to retreat, darting from one street corner to the next to reach safety back behind the front lines." REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic/File photo.

‘Representative media coverage’

Saudi Arabia Allegedly Funded Practice Run Of 9/11 Attack

US | Ryan Saavedra
9/11 15th anniversary (Photo: Getty Images)
'A pattern of financial and operational support'

U.K. Doesn't Know Why Muslim Incarceration Rate Is Skyrocketing

World | Ryan Saavedra
Anjem Choudary
'British female fighters boast of brutal torture'

Islamic Relief: Charitable Support For Political Violence

Opinion | Gregg Roman

Islamism is not a religion. It’s a political belief that the entire world must be subjected.

The Liberalism That Isn't

Opinion | Costin Alamariu

“Liberal” Western countries don’t have much more freedom than the Eastern Bloc did in the 1980s.

British Student Who Mocked ISIS On Facebook Probed For 'Hate Crime'

Education | Ian Miles Cheong
Free speech [Shutterstock/Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley]

Robbie Travers is under investigation for the alleged ‘hate crime’ of mocking ISIS.

Muslims Angered After Islamic Gang Rape Warnings Posted In UK

World | Joshua Gill
Two police officers in hi-visibility jacket patrolling in the city (CLICKMANIS/shutterstock_333009221)

‘Treating the incident as a hate crime’

Another Country Bans The Hijab

World | Joshua Gill
Shutterstock/ portrait of happy group of pretty girl best friends together. muslim woman concept wearing hijab or head scarf

‘Could be hiding something’

Gorka: McMaster Believes Islam Has Nothing To Do With Terror

Politics | Jonah Bennett
White House adviser Sebastian Gorka (L), standing with White House counselor Kellyanne Conway (C), waits for U.S. President Donald Trump to arrive to board Air Force One for travel to Ohio from Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, U.S. July 25, 2017. Picture taken July 25, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst.

‘Religion has nothing to do with the war’

No, Muslims, Christians Don't Share Jesus

Opinion | Mark Tapscott
The crucifixion [Andrea del Castagno]

Muslims think Jesus didn’t die on the Cross and definitely wasn’t God