Jake Tapper: The Public Has Reason To Be Skeptical Of The Media

Politics | Peter Hasson
Jake Tapper (Getty Images)

‘There is a reason…’

Tom Cotton Explains How Using 'The Nuclear Option' Will Restore Order To The Senate

Politics | Hrand Tookman

‘There’s a world of difference…’

The New McCarthyism: John McCain Accused Me Of Russia Collusion

Opinion | Roger Stone
U.S. Senator John McCain is interviewed during the 2017 "Congress of Tomorrow" Joint Republican Issues Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

I welcome the opportunity to testify before the any Senate hearing that will have its hearings in public.

Mark Cuban Slams President Trump: He Has 'No Leadership Skills'

Politics | Katie Jerkovich
Mark Cuban (Getty Images)

‘You still have to look at the bigger picture’

CNN President Dictates Trump Attacks To Anchors On Air

Politics | Katie Frates
CNN president Jeff Zucker (REUTERS)

He ‘picks up his phone and barks into the receiver’

Tapper Blasts Iranian Leader For Praising Anti-Trump Oscar Speech

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
BEIJING, CHINA - DECEMBER 05: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif speaks during a joint press conference with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on December 5, 2016 in Beijing, China. Both Foreign Ministers will co-chair the first annual meeting of Foreign Ministers. (Photo by Greg Baker - Pool /Getty Images)

This was exactly what we needed

Cartoonist, TV Anchor, And Now Novelist: Jake Tapper Wants It All

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Jake Tapper listens while sitting in an a panel with Hugh Hewitt, Ted Koppel and Jonathan Alter to discuss the 2016 presidential race (Getty Images)

Journalist taps into the book industry.

White House Pimps Out Kellyanne Conway To CNN Without Her Knowledge

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

They made her look like a fool.