Obama Comms Director Responds to Trump's Attack on 'Cheatin' Barry

Politics | Kyle Becker
Jen Psaki Thinks Trump Has Racial Overtones with Cheatin Obama Tweet Jake Tapper Makes Stor

The former Obama official sees possible racism in a Trump tweet.

WHCA Rewards CNN For Being The Go-To Outlet Of Leakers

Media | Joe Simonson

For the network’s coverage of the dossier story

SOURCE: Dem Accusations Against Trump Nominee 'Totally Made Up'

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‘How are people supposed to confront attacks like this?’

Tapper Unloads On Democrats For Playing Footsie With Farrakhan

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‘They don’t want to get dinged for it publicly’

Jake Tapper Calls Out Louis Farrakhan's Bigotry In Tweet Storm

Media | Justin Caruso
Left: Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images Right: Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

‘Farrakhan has a much larger following’

Jeff Flake Denies 2020 Plans, But Says 'I Never Rule Anything Out'

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Trump calls him ‘Flakey’

We Watch CNN's Terrible Media Show So You Don't Have To (02-25-18)

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Uh oh — Glenn Beck comes on and bashes CNN.

Were Four Deputies Ordered To Stand Down During Shooting?

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‘I can’t tell you anything about that’

Rep. Gaetz Blasts 'Tremendous Bias' Of Mueller Probe On CNN

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He schools Jake Tapper here.

Joe Manchin Went On CNN And Took A Blowtorch To Nancy Pelosi's Race-Baiting

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‘I’m condemning all this crazy rhetoric that goes on’