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GOP Senator: FBI Retaliates Against Women Reporting Gender Discrimination

‘These women alleged that they suffered gender discrimination and that they were retaliated against’

FBI Having A Hard Time Hiring Hackers That Aren't Stoners

A man smokes marijuana from a pipe during the 4/20 Rally at the Civic Center in Denver

‘I have to hire a great work force to compete with those cyber criminals’

Huh? New FBI director lays out strange demand

Obama Comey .JPEG

James Comey promises the FBI will be independent

Martha Stewart's nemesis is the new FBI director

Martha Stewart waves as she boards a cha

Comey brought forth the charges that sent the nice rich lady to jail

Homeland Security needs a placekicker

Janet Napolitano

Ray Kelly would be a solid, nonpolitical pick, unlike his predecessor.

Rand Paul threatens to block new FBI chief over drone issue

Immigration Rand Paul.JPEG

Outgoing Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller is late in responding to Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul’s inquiry about FBI surveillance drone use

James Comey calls leaks a 'critical element of a functioning democracy'

James Comey

Nominee to run FBI also condemns waterboarding

Fidelity a repeat theme at Obama's FBI nominee announcement

President: Comey qualified for job, probably won’t cheat on wife, Constitution

Comey, anti-gun Chicago-trained enforcer, reportedly tapped to run FBI


Established gun control program supported by both NRA and Brady Campaign; opposed domestic surveillance program