WATCH: James O'Keefe Confronts TSA Agent Drinking Out Of Bag While Driving

US | Chuck Ross

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: What’s in the bag?

James O' Keefe's ISIS 'Expose' Might End One Career... But It Isn't A Professor's

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
PHOTO: Project Veritas

Hidden video could violate Florida recording laws

Honor Student SUSPENDED For Helping With James O'Keefe Video

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
James O'Keefe

Student regarded as a ‘danger to the health’ of school staff

Barry University Senior Takes Down Her Own School In O'Keefe Sting

Education | Betsy Rothstein

School officials are weirdly supportive

Cornell U. President Defends Dean Who Encouraged Campus ISIS CLUB, Charges Trickery

Education | Eric Owens
Getty Images/TAUSEEF MUSTAFA, YouTube screenshot/Cornell University, YouTube screenshot/The Last videos

‘Leading questions on hidden camera’

Ivy League Dean Welcomes ISIS Club To Campus [UNDERCOVER VIDEO]

Education | Eric Owens
Getty Images, Getty Images/TAUSEEF MUSTAFA

‘It’s just like bringing in a coach, to do a training, a sports trainer or something’

Want To Work For James O'Keefe?

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
James O'Keefe

Landing a job won’t be a cake walk

Facebook Shuts Down James O'Keefe

Politics | Patrick Howley
Grae Stafford-Daily Caller

Greenpeace official fired Friday after sting video

O'Keefe Documentary Spreading Awareness Of Border Holes To ISIS

US | Chuck Ross
James O'Keefe video screen cap

‘Possible ISIS Interest on the US Southwestern Border’

James O'Keefe Crossed The US-Mexico Border Wearing This

Politics | Patrick Howley

Filmmaker proves the unthinkable

Corruption in Wisconsin: Undercover videos expose GOP State Sen. Mike Ellis

Opinion | Christian Hartsock
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The Republican legislator may be illegally coordinating with a SuperPAC

O'Keefe: 'Nothing political' about our videos

Ginni Thomas | Ginni Thomas

O’Keefe: Our videos ‘simply make people live up to their own principles’ [VIDEO]

The fear and politically-motivated ambition behind American journalists

Ginni Thomas | Grae Stafford

‘People are just generally afraid, of what happens to them when they take on those in power. They are afraid of retribution,’

Wendy Davis supporters mock Greg Abbott's wheelchair, ignore voter fraud

Politics | Caroline May

‘What I think is amazing is he is in a wheelchair, but he has no sympathy for anyone or anyway’

O'Keefe sting results in resignation for shady Obamacare pusher

Politics | Patrick Howley
HHS Secretary Sebelius arrives to testify before Senate Finance Committee hearing about "Obamacare" on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘The employee seen in the video has resigned’

Victim of Obamacare: Is O'Keefe target getting fired?

US | Patrick Howley
U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Sebelius is sworn in to testify before a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing about issues and complications with the Affordable Care Act enrollment website, on Capitol Hill
'I can't confirm anything'

BOMBSHELL O'Keefe video probes Sebelius-linked Obamacare group

Politics | Patrick Howley
HHS Secretary Sebelius testifies before Senate Finance Committee hearing about "Obamacare" on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘Is he willing to play ball?’

Latest O'Keefe reveal could hurt Sebelius

Politics | Patrick Howley
HHS Secretary Sebelius arrives to testify before Senate Finance Committee hearing about "Obamacare" on Capitol Hill in Washington
'Any violations of the Internal Revenue Code may be referred to the Department of Justice'

New James O'Keefe sting reveals RAMPANT Obamacare navigator fraud

Politics | Katie McHugh

‘That’s my money’

O'Keefe's book breaks through media narrative

Opinion | Matthew Hurtt

In his new tell-all, James O’Keefe explains his daring approach to journalism and politics.