Five Things You Did Not Know About Vice President Dick Cheney

Opinion | Gayle Trotter
Former US Vice President Dick Cheney speaks against the Iranian nuclear deal at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in Washington, DC, on September 8, 2015.  AFP PHOTO/NICHOLAS KAMM        (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

“If you want to be loved,” Cheney said, “you got to go be a movie actor.”

Dick Cheney Winds Up In Playboy

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Dick Cheney

Trying to psychoanalyze him is not the way to go

Hackers: Hillary's Private Server Was VERY Insecure

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘Highly vulnerable to unauthorized intrusion’

Hacker: Hillary Clinton Created MULTIPLE Private Email Accounts

Politics | Alex Griswold

At least nine other email addresses exist

Morning Mirror

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Morning Mirror

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
morning mirror 7 x 3-2

James Rosen Lures State Department Into Revealing ISIS Contradiction

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

We are and are not at war with ISIS

Fox's Rosen: Sources Claim Bergdahl's Taliban Collaboration 'As Serious As You Can Imagine'

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘I’m talking to a broad range of sources in and out of the government, in and out of the military’

How 'overcriminalization' makes it easier to target political enemies

Politics | Matt K. Lewis
President Barack Obama speaks about the National Security Agency from the Justice Department in Washington

Political paybacks are easier to spot than a pervasive system whereby one must break the law in order to get ahead.

Fox's James Rosen beats up on Piers Morgan after Brit bashes Beatles

Entertainment | Heather Hunter

‘Remind me who Piers Morgan is again?’

Holder releases new rules for media surveillance

Politics | Neil Munro
APTOPIX Supreme Court Voting Rights.JPEG

‘Members of the news media will not be subject to prosecution based solely on newsgathering activities’

Jail Glenn Greenwald

Opinion | Christian Whiton
Reporters Treason.JPEG

Why Greenwald is a criminal, not a journalist.

Bob Woodward: White House policy dealing with journalists could harm national security

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘I think it’s a really bad policy and they are really hurting themselves’

Is it any surprise Americans don't trust their government?

Opinion | Eva Brates
Capitol Hill protest

The Obama administration is running up the debt and paring back our freedoms.

Shelby: DOJ's ability to enforce law in question

Politics | Alexis Levinson
Congress Pork

Attorney General Holder oversaw snooping on James Rosen’s phone records, emails, comings and goings

Even West Wing aides want Holder to resign

Politics | Alex Pappas
Drone Strikes.JPEG

Troubled AG had considered quitting after election, but stayed to ‘move beyond’ controversies

Holder felt 'creeping sense of personal remorse' after being caught

Politics | Vince Coglianese
Drone Strikes.JPEG

‘Press feeding frenzy’ forces attorney general into meeting with mainstream media

Krauthammer: Rosen phone record seizure 'a brazen assault on the First Amendment'

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘To quote a Democrat — ‘The fish rots from the head”

Bret Baier: Justice Department targeted James Rosen's parents as well

Politics | Jeff Poor
'Special Report' reveals details in panel discussion portion of Tuesday night's program