Louie Gohmert Unloads On The Media's 'Hate-Filled Propaganda'

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Also takes aim at Obama-era DOJ holdovers after FBI refuses to call shooting terrorism

FBI Claims Attempted GOP Assassinations Are 'Assault' -- NOT Terrorism

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‘The FBI has assessed….’

FBI Making Big Announcement In GOP Baseball Shooting Investigation

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The FBI recovered a cell phone and computer at the scene…

Franks Sounds The Alarm: 'This Militant Left Is Out Of Control'

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‘It’s not conservatives that are going out there burning cars’

Media Shows Glaring Ignorance On Guns After Alexandria Shooting

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These are basic facts

REVEALED: The Political Persuasion Of The Guy Who Shot At GOP Lawmakers

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Police tape cordons off the scene of an early morning shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, June 14, 2017. Senior Republican Congressman Steve Scalise was among several victims shot and wounded at a baseball practice ahead of an annual gam(Getty Images)

66-year-old home inspector shot GOP lawmakers