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UPDATE: Amazon Responds To Daily Caller News Foundation Accusations About WaPo

Media | Joe Simonson
The company provided a statement.

WaPo Won't Cover The Conditions Of Amazon's Warehouses

Media | Joe Simonson
Why not?

WaPo Op-Ed Tries To Normalize Talk Of Population Control

Media | Nick Givas
'If fertility were reduced, there would be fewer children'

Trump Encourages WaPo Employees To Go On Strike: 'We Would Get Rid Of Fake News!'

Media | Amber Athey

The Pentagon Is About To Do Something Stupid

op-ed | Derek Hunter
In the age of security breaches, why is the intelligence community putting all our secrets in one place?

Amazon Caves To Democrats' and Billion Dollar Unions' Racial Diversity Demands

Tech | Kyle Perisic
'The proposal would not be an effective and prudent use of the company's time and resources'

Cleveland Was Set To Give Amazon At Least $120 Million In Benefits Before Getting Rejected For HQ2

US | Eric Lieberman
Just to ride their transit at discount

Amazon Bans Christian Group From Charity Program But Allows Nation Of Islam Groups

Investigative Group | Peter Hasson
Amazon spokesperson sputters when asked whether SPLC is unbiased

Amazon Prime Is More Expensive Than Ever As Profits Skyrocket

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Never been greater'

James Comey Set To Speak At Amazon Headquarters, Continuing His Speaking Tour

US | Eric Lieberman
Maybe expect some tweets from the president

Mark Zuckerberg's Security And Private Jet Travel Cost Facebook $20 Million Since 2015

Business | Eric Lieberman
Way more than any other

President Trump Throws Down The Gauntlet To WaPo And Amazon With One Tweet

Politics | Nick Givas
'Typically bad reporting!'

Washington Post Responds To Trump's Amazon Tweets Through CNN

Politics | Nick Givas
'We alone decide what to publish'

There Is At Least One Industry Amazon Can't Penetrate

Business | Eric Lieberman
'After a lot of soul searching...'

Bernie: Something Has To Be Done About ‘Incredibly Large’ Amazon

Politics | David Krayden

Trump Wants Washington Post To Register As A Lobbyist For Amazon

Politics | Thomas Phippen

The Defense Department Needs To Get Its Tech Checks In Order

op-ed | Peter Ferrara
Liberate national defense contracting from the death grip of swamp creatures

Jeff Bezos Spent His Weekend Eating Iguana, Promising To Explore The Solar System

US | Eric Lieberman
'Converting my Amazon lottery winnings'

A Big Hint Just Dropped On The Location Of The Next Amazon Headquarters

Business | Eric Lieberman
A secret exposed

Losing Billions Of Dollars In A Single Day Is Hard To Fathom For Anybody

US | David Hookstead

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