jemele hill

The Amount Of Money ESPN Pays Jemele Hill Is Mind-Boggling

Sports | David Hookstead
It's crazy

ESPN Warns Anti-Trump Employees To Tread Lightly On Social Media

Sports | Mike Brest
Tweet at your own risk

Michael Moore And Other Celebs Throw Fit Over NFL Anthem Decision

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'Back in the USSA...'

ESPN's Jemele Hill Named Journalist Of The Year

Sports | Katie Jerkovich
'Extraordinary depth, scope and significance to the people of the African Diaspora'

ESPN Ratings Go Up After Taking Jemele Hill Off The Air

Sports | David Hookstead
Viewers are showing up

Jemele Hill Shuts Down 'Dangerously Inaccurate' Lawsuit Against ESPN

Sports | Ford Springer
It claims Chris Berman left her a 'racially disparaging' voicemail

Meghan McCain Asked Jemele Hill If Ben Carson Is A White Supremacist -- Cue Hilarity

Politics | Benny Johnson
Cat got your tongue?

ESPN’s Jemele Hill Calls NFL Players Kneeling ' Patriotic' And Trump's Comments 'Racial Pornography'

Politics | Nick Givas
'It's what I like to call racial pornography'

Big News About Trump-Hating ESPN Host Jemele Hill

Sports | David Hookstead
This is big

Jemele Hill Just Doubled Down Big-Time On Her Comments Against Trump

Sports | Ford Springer
I didn’t think I was saying anything that was shocking

Jemele Hill Refuses To Give Trump Credit For Freeing Black UCLA Players

Editorial | David Hookstead
Very odd for a supposed white supremacist

ESPN Issues Bizarre New Social Media Policy

Sports | Jena Greene
It doesn't make a ton of sense

ESPN's Jemele Hill Says She Deserved Her Suspension

Sports | Justin Caruso
'I put ESPN in a bad spot'

SI Writer Predicts Jemele Hill's Time With ESPN Is Coming To An End

Sports | Matt Candler
Should she be fired?

Bob Iger’s Bigotry

Opinion | Justin Danhof
At Disney, black employees are held to a different standard than their coworkers.

Hollywood 'Progressives Have The Weinstein Victims' Blood On Their Hands

Opinion | Amber Athey
Too many remain silent

FLASHBACK: Jemele Hill Mocks The Idea Of Not Watching ESPN For Political Reasons

Sports | Ford Springer
Her politics landed her on suspension

ESPN's Problems Keep Getting Worse. Here's The Whole Story

Sports | The Daily Caller
ESPN is already unpopular with conservatives...

Trump On Jemele Hill: 'It's No Wonder ESPN's Ratings Have 'Tanked''

Sports | Ford Springer
'It is the talk of the industry!'

Clay Travis Has The Only ESPN Hot Take Worth Watching

Media | Amber Athey
'This is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen in my life'

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