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California's Grid Integration Plan Might Completely Backfire

Energy | Jason Hopkins
A Democratic plan to increase renewables might actually help coal

California Voters Prepare To Square Off Against Gov Brown Over Gas Tax Repeal

Energy | Chris White
'Brown didn't think we were going to get the signatures'

Here's How Much Taxpayer Money California Has Spent On Electric Vehicles

Energy | Chris White
California doled out rebates for over 235,000 vehicles

Democrats Embrace California's Gas Tax Increase Despite Widespread Opposition

Energy | Chris White
'We need to protect and preserve the tax'

California's AG Angles To Become New Leader Of Anti-Trump Climate Brigade

Energy | Chris White
'We were protecting California and our values'

California Voters Might Repeal An Extremely High Gas Tax Passed By Democrats

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'You can outspend the people, but you can’t outvote the people'

Poll Shows Utahans Rejecting Potential Gas Tax Hike Heading Toward Midterms

Energy | Chris White
'There is definitely a spending problem'

California Might Go 'Carbon Neutral' Despite Grid Reliability Issues

Energy | Jason Hopkins
Experts warn of rolling blackouts

Power Lines, Not Global Warming, Caused California’s Massive Wildfires, Officials Say

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'The world is not on the road to heaven'

Complimentary Firearms Classes For Teachers

US | Molly Prince
It was Train A Teacher Day

Gas Taxes Loom Large As Pro-Trump Candidate Seeks California's Governor's Mansion

Energy | Chris White
'Horrible gas tax that impacts the working people'

Jerry Brown Wants To Tax Drinking Water To Fix California's Busted Up Infrastructure

Energy | Chris White
Californians would pay an additional $11.40 per year for water

Here's Why Californians Pay Way More For Gasoline Than Everyone Else

Energy | Chris White
Taxes, Taxes And More Taxes

Gas Tax Could Lead To A Big Win For Republicans In California

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'Coming for all of us'

California Will Force EVERY New Home Owner To Install Solar Panels

Energy | Jason Hopkins
Solar companies are loving the news

California Might Require EVERY Home To Install A Solar Panel

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'California is about to take a quantum leap in energy standards'

California May Be Faced With A SECOND Energy Crisis

Energy | Jason Hopkins
Residents may once again be hit with blackouts

Californians Really Want To Repeal Jerry Brown's Gas Tax Increase: 'No Resistance'

Energy | Chris White
'No resistance'

California Mayor Says Safety Of Citizens Trumps Sanctuary State Politics

Politics | Nick Givas
'It’s just ridiculous and it's frightening'

POLL: More Than Half Of Californians Think Increasing Deportations Is Important

US | Chris White
Forty-nine percent support a 'Muslim ban'

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