White House political, economic teams split over Social Security reform - The Hill

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Obama is being pulled in opposite directions by those whose priorities are fiscal and those whose No. 1 concern is electoral

Obama wants low-profile Hawaiian Christmas; going golfing - AP

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President Barack Obama arrived in Kailua, Hawaii late Wednesday

Obama finds change really doesn't come easy - CSM

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As Obama plans White House reshuffle, where are the new faces?

GOP could go 'DEFCON 4' on W.H. job offers - TheDC

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Republicans continue to push for Sestak and Romanoff job offer investigation, but the minority party’s options are limited

President Obama’s resignation

Feature:Opinion | Chet Nagle

While some call for Obama to step down in light of the Sestak scandal, we must remember that President Obama is convinced of his own messianic virtues, and will never resign. Unless impeachment gives him no choice

Gibbs attempts to protect Obama - The Daily Caller

| Jon Ward

W.H. press secretary leading effort to insulate Obama from Sestak and Romanoff

Romanoff unqualified for jobs White House offered - The Daily Caller

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Romanoff unqualified for jobs White House offered

The Romanoff trade-off - The Daily Caller

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Trade post floated by White House would have paid the senate candidate $163K annual salary

W.H. troubles extend beyond petroleum - The Daily Caller

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Various problems ranging from the Gulf oil spill to Joe Sestak are all currently impacting the Obama Administration

Damage control - The Daily Caller

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White House insists no job offer technically offered to Colorado Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff

Roman Candle

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Dem. candidate Andrew Romanoff reveals WH dangled jobs to get him out of Senate race

Obama administration's intelligence failure - The Daily Caller

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WH Press Secretary Robert Gibbs implies Sestak wasn’t offered intel board spot

Obama begins plotting for 2012 election - Politico

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Obama Administration begins plotting it’s course towards the 2012 presidential election

Obama is oh for five in attempts to influence Senate races - THE DAILY CALLER

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Rep. Joe Sestak’s admission that the White House tried to lure him out of a primary challenge to Sen. Arlen Specter made Pennsylvania the fifth state this cycle in which the Obama administration has tried unsuccessfully to clear the field for Democratic senate candidates