Shia LaBeouf Was Completely WASTED During His Cabaret Arrest

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

‘So, I had been drinking a lot of whiskey…’

No One In Los Angeles Appears To Know Who Joe Biden Is

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

Great job, Angelenos!

Bath Time

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
bath time mirror 7 x 3

Jimmy Kimmel Gives Weed Smokers A 'Pot Quiz'

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

They know who Seth is but not The Pope

Jennifer Love Hewitt Sent Matt Damon A Gift For His Bedroom

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

‘And I never got a thank you’

These People Think This Supreme Court Justice Is A Fashion Designer

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

And Phil Robertson, too

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Guys If They Looked Up Nude Jennifer Lawrence Photos

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Pretty much all of them say yes

Terry Crews Shows Off His Awesome Art Skills On Jimmy Kimmel

Sports | Seth Richardson

He’s the da Vinci reincarnate

Jimmy Kimmel Reunites 'Friends' In Attempted Steamy Love Scene

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Spoiler: things go poorly for Kimmel

'Sin City's' Eva Green Said Her 'Boobs Never Killed Anybody'

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Star talks about the movie poster called ‘too hot for TV’

Kim Kardashian Is Actually A Robot

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

‘One, one, zero, one. Must. Eat. Babies. For. Fuel’

Kimmel's Disturbing Comic-Con Question

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

The one thing we DON’T want to know

Jimmy Kimmel Proves No One Knows What A Smartwatch Is

Entertainment | Giuseppe Macri

‘It’s kind of, like, old school, but still in style’

Snoop Dogg Got Really High At The White House

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
(Photo: YouTube)

Watch the story of how the rapper got weed past the ‘alphabet boys’

Self-Proclaimed Soccer Fans Think Landon Donovan Played In The World Cup

Sports | Kaitlan Collins

That nonexistent tricycle kick was incredible!

The 'World's Ugliest Dog' Gets A Makeover Courtesy Of Jimmy Kimmel

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Photo: Twitter

Reigning champ gets the works

Adam Carolla: Jimmy Kimmel 'Might Be The Most Conservative' Late Night Host

Entertainment | Jamie Weinstein

But it’s all relative

People Who Refuse To Eat Gluten Don't Even Know What Gluten Is

Entertainment | TheDC Entertainment

‘It makes you fat’

Jimmy Kimmel Laughs At Drudge Report Headline

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

‘This was the top story on the Drudge Report this morning…’