Why Jimmy Kimmel Finds It Surprising Trump Hates The Oscars

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‘I really think he would really love the best picture winner’

Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back At Trump Over Oscars Criticism

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The Oscars hit an all-time low in the ratings

The Most Surprising Best Picture Winners

Entertainment | Zach Phillips

‘Shape of Water’ is just one

Oscars Ratings Hit All-Time Low

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Oscars (Credit: Shutterstock)


Here Are All The Attacks On Trump At The 90th Academy Awards

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‘Let the tweet storm from the president’s toilet…’

Even Jimmy Kimmel Knows You 'Don't Take Risks' With The National Anthem

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‘When it comes to the national anthem: Don’t’

Jimmy Kimmel: A Moron Or Just A Bigot?

op-ed | Jeffrey M. Trissell
Jimmy Kimmel YouTube screenshot/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Dear Mr. Kimmel: Can a Jewish baker be forced to bake a cake for a festive Kristallnacht-Holocaust party?

Kimmel Preaches Gun Control, Discourages Prayer And Uses School Shooting To Advance His Political Agenda

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‘Not going to allow you to bow your head in prayer for two weeks, until you get an all-clear’

Jimmy Kimmel Just Spat In The Face Of Conservatives Everywhere

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‘It just so happens that…’

Jimmy Kimmel To Interview Stormy Daniels Following Trump's 'State Of The Union' Address

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He seems pretty excited about it

Jimmy Kimmel Silent After Trump Signs CHIP Funding

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He’s been pleading for it for months

Jimmy Kimmel Actually Wants To Fight Roy Moore. Who You Got?

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‘There is no one I would love to fight more than you’