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Rudy Giuliani: Joe Biden Is A 'Mentally Deficient Idiot'

Politics | Mike Brest
'He’s also too old'

Rob Reiner: 'There's No Line' Too Far When It Comes To Attacking Trump

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'If you talk about things that are racist...'

Obama Has Been Quietly Meeting With 2020 Dem Contenders

Politics | Mike Brest
Obama has met with...

WATCH: People Don't Even Know Who The Vice President Of The US Is

Politics | Justin Caruso

Report: Biden Tells World Leaders To Talk To Pence, Not Trump

Politics | Thomas Phippen
'Mike’s a guy you ... can deal with'

Biden: White House Aide's McCain Comments 'Not Exception To The Rule' Of Trump Administration

Politics | Julia Nista
'Fighting for his life'

The Daily Daily Caller Podcast: Democratic Grandstanding At Its Worst

Editorial | Derek Hunter
Trump frees American hostages, but Democrats can't even say his name. Plus, If a Republican had said what Biden just said...

Biden Fact-Checks Obama's Working Class Biden Mythology

US | Julia Nista
'If you listen to Barack, you'd think...'

McCain Urged Biden To 'Not Walk Away' From Politics

Politics | Scott Morefield
Biden 2020?

WATCH: Joe Biden Is Considering Running For President In 2020

Media | Justin Caruso

Biden Wishes Obama Had Cut Taxes

Politics | Thomas Phippen
'Well, that's not going to stimulate the economy'

It's No Secret Joe Biden Doesn't Like Trump, But There's One Thing Trump's Accomplished That Has Biden Making Dire Warnings

Politics | Kevin Daley
'The single most damaging thing thus far'

Joe Biden Sheepishly Regrets Saying He Could Take President Trump In A Fist Fight

Politics | Nick Givas
'I shouldn’t have said what I said. I shouldn’t have bought it up again'

An Oddsmaker Weighs In With The Odds For A Potential Trump Vs. Biden Fight

Politics | David Hookstead
Who would you bet on?

Biden Looks At Himself In Mirrors To Decide If He Wants To Run For President

US | Thomas Phippen
'I have to be able to stand in front of a mirror and look in the mirror and know'

Reporter Asks Biden About Fighting Trump -- Gets A Little Testy

Media | Justin Caruso
He's not happy

TWITTER POLL: A Shocking Percentage Of People Think Trump Could Beat Up Biden

Politics | David Hookstead
It's not even close

Ben Shapiro Volunteers To Announce A Biden/Trump Prize Fight

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'Let's get ready to MUMBLE!!!!'

'The View' Host Sunny Hostin Calls Trump 'Such A Bully' -- But Biden's Threats Were 'Chivalrous'

Entertainment | Virginia Kruta
'Why hasn't anyone taken him out back?'

Sean Duffy Says He Would Place A Bet On Trump Beating Biden In Fight

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'Whether they're back in high school or today'

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