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Sarah Palin threatens to sue ‘Rogue’ book publisher - ABC News

Sarah Palin The Rouge

Palin’s attorney sends letter to Joe McGinniss’ publisher, threatens lawsuit for ‘knowingly publishing false statements’

Author of Palin tell-all defends book as 'fair' - TheDC

Sarah Palin

Alleges one-night stand with basketball player, extramarital affair, cocaine use

Report: Palin book alleges 'fetish' for black men, extra-marital affair and cocaine use - TheDC


Controversial book not released until Sept. 20

Author leaves Wasilla, ends bizarre Palin stunt - AP

Writer Joe McGinniss, who moved next door to the Palin family in Alaska, is finally leaving the neighborhood

Opinion: Palin hit piece an example of shoddy journalism - TheDC

Vanity Fair piece includes few named sources, even fewer details.

Author claims Palin uses 'Nazi' tactics - The Daily Caller

Joe McGinniss was interviewed by Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today Show Tuesday morning and made several explosive statements about the former governor

Palin fans defend her against critic who moved next door - WaPo

Author Joe McGinniss has moved into the house next door to Sarah Palin to write a critical book of the former Alaskan governor, only to discover her supporters would have none of it

Good old Joe McGinniss sets up camp in Wasilla

A leering author moves in next-door to Sarah Palin. This is an awful, disgusting, sickening situation. And if that was in any way unclear, it’s downright creepy.

Sarah Palin’s brother calls Joe McGinniss ‘creepy’ - The Daily Caller

Sarah Palin’s brother said that his sister fears for the safety of her children because of the reporter who has moved in next door