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Obama Learns The Wrong Lessons From 1914

President Barack Obama speaks about Ukraine at the White House in Washington

Talk is cheap, and nations look after their own self-interest.

LBJ is no civil rights hero

March on Washington Immigration.JPEG

Before the Kennedy assassination, Johnson was no friend of equality

Buzz Aldrin's amazing mission

People Buzz Aldrin.JPEG

After landing, the astronaut took communion, and planted a very un-PC plaque.

Cheating website honors America's horniest leaders


Who says cheaters don’t prosper?

Considering a career in politics? Leave your idealism at the door

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Why I stopped believing in the Kennedy-era myth that a career in politics is noble

Why the technology of today salutes JFK

File handout image shows former U.S. President Kennedy and astronaut Glenn looking inside space capsule Friendship 7 at Cape Canaveral

Remembering the space-race inspiration for today’s innovation

How the left hides the REAL JFK

JFK speaks at a podium. Reuters.

How a hawkish, tax-cutting supply sider murdered by a communist became a liberal martyr cut down by rightwing hate

From Jackson to Reagan: presidential assassinations and attempts

(photo:wikimedia commons)

FBI informants, the disgruntled unemployed and more

Americans mark 50th anniversary of JFK's appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show


Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allen Poe: A sixties retrospective

Contrary to popular opinion, the facts show Oswald acted alone

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The Warren Commission was right.

A tale of two Sixties: How we misremember JFK and LBJ

71.) John F. Kennedy (PHOTO: Wikipedia)

In our national myth, Kennedy marked the apogee of idealism, and Johnson begat American decline

Building an Obamacare website isn't rocket science

A man looks over the Affordable Care Act signup page on the website in New York in this photo illustration

The space program was more ambitious, more successful, and completed in less time.

John Kerry admits he is a Kennedy assassination conspiracy nut

John Kerry and Lee Harvey Oswald collage. Photo: YouTube screenshot, Getty Images, Getty Images/Mark Wilson

‘I have serious doubts that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone’

Colin Quinn on JFK, conspiracy theories and Norm MacDonald

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - June 21, 2013

‘You can’t not like Ben Franklin, The guy was the king of inventions, king of the Constitution, the king of the sex clubs’

Roger Stone thinks LBJ had JFK offed: The interview


‘I am certain about LBJ. He could order a murder the way you or I would order a ham sandwich.’

What a future senator told doctors about a potential second JFK shooter

RR Auction image of Vintage glossy Dallas Police Department mug shot photo of Lee Harvey Oswald

‘They were unanimous that the neck wound was an entry wound’

'Killing Kennedy' captures suspense, senselessness of JFK assasination


National Geographic’s movie is even more poignant nearly 50 years after the assasination

Obama skips the Kennedy tax cuts


Why? He’s creating a post-war fairy tale.

When Marilyn Monroe called Jackie Kennedy

New Kennedy biography makes shocking claims