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John Kerry Says ISIS 'Will Be Crushed' -- But Does President Obama Agree?

If history is any guide, perhaps not

North Korea Used A Super Harsh Insult Toward John Kerry

A ‘wolf’ with a ‘hideous lantern jaw’

Biden Supports New Iraqi Government As Current Prime Ministers Resists Turnover

Current Prime Minister claims a coup on the political process

Netanyahu's Top Adviser Whines About Journalism

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a joint news conference with Germany's Foreign Minister Steinmeier in Tel Aviv

“I cannot verify that quote”

American Leadership Means Being Clear About What We Stand For And Who We Stand With

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry talks with U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Bill Grant as he arrives in Tel Aviv

‘Our friends and allies have concluded they can’t count on us. And our enemies have decided they can ignore us.’

Israel -- The Democrat -- Troubled By John Kerry's Remarks On Israel -- The Country

‘I do get concerned with statements from Secretary Kerry’

Thank God John Kerry Wasn't President Of The United States

John Kerry

Israelis and Palestinians could agree.

State Dept. Respects Religious Liberty In Countries Overseas, But Not In The US

Sen. John Kerry freaks out over religious persecution in Middle East and Asia, ignores religious freedom in America

Kerry's Failed Cease-Fire Leads To More Violence

‘If America was attacked… you would take action, and Israel is taking action to neutralize this threat’

In Israel�s Desperate Hour, Obama Leads From Behind

Israeli soldiers stand atop a tank at a staging area near the border with the Gaza Strip

Despite crises erupting around the world, the president seems blissfully distracted.

'Is This How The Benghazi Talking Points Were Developed?' Govt Watchdogs Blast State Dept Official

‘The worst possible practice in trying to maintain transparency and accounting ability’

Top Kerry Aide Tries To Squash Claim Of Anti-Fox Bias By Lying To The Daily Caller

‘Apologies for foisting inaccurate figures on you’

Israeli Ambassador Slams Kerry: Not Wanted In Middle East

He doesn’t exactly have a history of success

'Morning Joe' Doesn't Believe Kerry's Open Mic Criticism Of Israel Was An Accident

‘He’s pretty aware of what a hot mic is’

Lindsey Graham Gives Obama A Title: 'The King Of Indecision'

‘KGB colonel’ Putin winning battle of wills against ‘community organizer’ Obama

'Helluva Pinpoint Operation:' Kerry Caught On Open Mic Sarcastically Slamming Israel

‘I reacted, obviously, in a way that anybody does with respect to, you know, young children and civilians’

Kerry Gets Whiny On Fox: 'You And Others Don’t Ever Want To Give The Obama Administration Credit For Almost Anything'

Wallace: ‘Listen, the limits on time have been put on by your people’

Obama Administration Wrongly Trusts Hamas To Uphold Cease-fire

”Perhaps reason could prevail’

Some Afghans Wish John Kerry Would Be Their President

‘John Kerry is the greatest American and the best friend of Afghanistan’

Breakthrough Agreement Will Determine Next Afghan President

The two presidential candidates have agreed to an audit of the election