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Supreme Sell-Off: Justices Shed Stocks To Avoid Conflicts

Politics | Kevin Daley
Watchdogs encouraged, though hazards remain

The Supremes Are Popular, But Ethics Concerns Abound, New Survey Shows

Politics | Kevin Daley
Who is the most popular justice?

John Roberts Nails Jeff Sessions With Hilarious Line, Sarah Sanders's Reaction Says It All

Media | John Wellington

Do You Buy Don Lemon's Apology To Fox News?

Media | Amber Athey
'I misspoke'

New Report Suggests Rocky Start For Roberts And Gorsuch

Politics | Kevin Daley
Could it hurt the conservative majority?

FISA Drama May Have New Leading Man: Chief Justice John Roberts

Politics | Kevin Daley
It would be very controversial

The Investigation Of Alex Kozinski Will Not Move Forward, Panel Says

Politics | Kevin Daley
Kozinski's resignation ended the probe, panel says

Afternoon Mirror: ‘Fire And Fury’ Author Michael Wolff Says NYT Is Jealous

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

We Watch CNN's 'Reliable Sources' So You Don't Have To (1-7-18)

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Is the President crazy? The host wants to know.

Chief Justice Says Courts 'Not Immune' From Harassment In Year-End Report

Politics | Kevin Daley
'Events in recent months have illuminated the depth of the problem'

Chief Justice Orders Misconduct Review As #MeToo Reaches Federal Courts

Politics | Kevin Daley
Order comes after prominent judge retires in disgrace.

Justice John Roberts Helps The GOP Repeal Obamacare After All

Politics | Jack Crowe
'The individual mandate is a tax'

Afternoon Mirror: ‘Morning Joe’ Attempts Self-Awareness

Media | Betsy Rothstein

FAKE HUES: CNN's Jim Acosta Washes The Gray Right Out Of His Hair

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Trump's media enemy goes dark.

Afternoon Mirror: Breitbart ‘London’ Bureau Chief Inflates Ego, Claims Site Is Not ‘Far Right’

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Fox News' John Roberts Jokingly Snaps At Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Thank God for the official transcript.

Chief Justice Appears To Take Shot Across Gorsuch's Bow

Politics | Kevin Daley
Trouble brewing among SCOTUS conservatives?

Chief Justice Tacks Left In Race-Tinged Cases This Term

Politics | Kevin Daley
Chief tacks leftward this term on civil rights issues

John Roberts Quietly Bows To Gay Marriage Ruling

Politics | Kevin Daley
'Would like the gay marriage issue to go away'

SCOTUS Sides With Immigrant In Plea Bargain Dispute

Politics | Kevin Daley
Thomas warns of 'dire consequences' for criminal justice

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