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'Talk About Blaming The Victim' -- Tucker Uses Jorge Ramos' Own Logic On Him, And Ramos Hates It

Media | Justin Caruso
Tucker is so great.

Jorge Ramos Wants To Live Back In Mexico

Media | Joe Simonson
He has to go back.

Tucker Smacked Jorge Ramos Like A Piñata - Only When He Popped, It Wasn't Candy That Came Out

Politics | Christian Datoc
'Why was it a good idea to let this guy out of jail, Mr. Neck tattoo charged with homicide?'

Telemundo And Univision Now Openly Lobbying In Favor Of Amnesty

Politics | Peter Hasson
Bias? What bias?

FIREWORKS: Jorge Ramos Has No Time For This Latino Republican's Defense Of Arpaio Pardon

Politics | Kevin Daley
'Sad when an immigrant like you forgets where he comes from'

Jorge Ramos Tries To Play The Race Card -- Shoots Himself In The Foot

Politics | Hrand Tookman
'It's not what I think, it's what is actually happening'

Jorge Ramos Goes On Hysterical Rant After Trump's Visit To Mexico

Elections | Katie Jerkovich
'What a weak and shy response by Mexican'

Hillary Lectures Journalists About How They Cover Trump

Elections | Steve Guest
'Now many of you are showing the way'

At The Brown And Black Forum, Democrats Announce Which Special Interests Matter Most

Opinion | Scott Greer
How have you benefited from white privilege, Mrs. Clinton?

Univision Host Charges Rubio, Cruz With Racial Treason: 'No Greater Disloyalty'

Elections | Christian Datoc
'Don't want new immigrants to have the same opportunities that their own parents had'

McCain: The Paris Attacks Renewed America's Appetite For War In The Middle East

US | Steve Guest
'I think we are seeing a significant shift in American public opinion and Paris is just short of the culmination'

Some White Guy Just Accused Ben Carson Of Being A Segregationist

Elections | Christian Datoc
Dude's name is 'Chad'

O'Reilly Shouts Down Ramos: 'You're An Activist!'

Politics | Steve Guest
'A reporter reports, doesn’t give an opinion'

Univision Reporter: Law Named After Woman Murdered By Illegal Is 'Completely Unfair'

Politics | Christian Datoc
Ramos: 'As unfair as if we were to criticize all white men in the United States for what happened in that theater in Aurora, Colorado.'

Mirror Hate Mail: Readers Accuse Me Of Being An 'A**'

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

'Donald Trump' Calls Conan To Discuss Ramos, The 'Motorized Pinata Full of Hot Sauce'

Entertainment | Steve Guest
'There's a lever on your chair, reach down, and lower your chair'

Trump: George W. Bush's Best Moment Was When An Iraqi Threw A Shoe At Him

Politics | Steve Guest
Trump: 'that is very sad to say'

Ron Fournier: 'It's A Reporter's Job To Be An A**'

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Or it's a choice that has consequences.

Jorge Ramos Doesn't Think People Can Be Illegal

Politics | Steve Guest
CNN's Cuomo: 'Of course human beings can be illegal if they break the law'

Trump: Jorge Ramos Was 'Ranting And Raving Like A Madman' At Press Conference

Politics | Steve Guest
Ramos was 'absolutely out of line'

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