Beliebers Secure All-Star Starter Status For Toronto Point Guard

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Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat - Game Seven

Don’t mess with the Biebs

Justin Bieber Just Got The Worst Haircut Of His LIFE

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justin bieber hair

And how does it get worse than dying it platinum blonde?

'SNL' Mocks Justin Bieber's Junk In HILARIOUS Skit

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And his response will surprise you

Gay Republicans Mistake Crasher Justin Bieber For 'Butcher Version Of Miley Cyrus'

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‘I just saw a bunch of girls’

PROOF: Justin Bieber Is The Immature Child We Thought He Was

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Justin bieber dyes hair

This is just plain embarrassing

Topless Model Gets Death Threats For Touching Justin Bieber

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Lara stone death threats

Should have kept your shirt on, girl

Justin Bieber Jumped On A Skateboard In NYC, Hilarity Ensued

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How does that sidewalk taste, Biebs?

Egging His Neighbor's House Cost Justin Bieber $80,000

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Proves he is a complete idiot

Justin Bieber Pays Floyd Mayweather Jr. To Punch Him [VIDEO]

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It’s about time someone did

The Beatles Had Some Talent

DC Trawler | Derek Hunter

Public Menace Justin Bieber Got Arrested Again

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Seventh time’s the charm!

Justin Bieber Causes Wreck, Compares Himself To Princess Diana

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Somebody please send him back to Canada with Burger King

Justin Bieber Attacked Someone At Dave & Buster's

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A sentence that just makes sense

Justin Bieber's Crew Accused Of Bribing Border Officials

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Remember when there was a petition to deport him?

The Ten Best Mugshots Of Politicians And Celebrities

Entertainment | Aaron Bandler

They know how to make a good or bad mugshot

Justin Bieber Wiggles Out Of Potential Jail Time

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Bieber FaceTimed WHO?! This Is Totally Confusing

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This friendship does NOT make sense

Justin Bieber Saved A Guy Getting Mauled By A Bear

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2014 Young Hollywood Awards Brought To You By Samsung Galaxy - Show

He is officially a Belieber