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The Beatles Had Some Talent

Public Menace Justin Bieber Got Arrested Again

Seventh time’s the charm!

Justin Bieber Causes Wreck, Compares Himself To Princess Diana

Somebody please send him back to Canada with Burger King

Justin Bieber Attacked Someone At Dave & Buster's

A sentence that just makes sense

Justin Bieber's Crew Accused Of Bribing Border Officials

Remember when there was a petition to deport him?

The Ten Best Mugshots Of Politicians And Celebrities

They know how to make a good or bad mugshot

Justin Bieber Wiggles Out Of Potential Jail Time


Bieber FaceTimed WHO?! This Is Totally Confusing

This friendship does NOT make sense

Justin Bieber Saved A Guy Getting Mauled By A Bear

2014 Young Hollywood Awards Brought To You By Samsung Galaxy - Show

He is officially a Belieber

Chris Pratt Said Bieber Should Be Embarrassed He Got Decked By Orlando Bloom

‘I would rather get farted on by David Hasselhoff’

Somehow, Bieber Gets The Babes


Say Goodbye to Miranda Kerr's Top, But Hello To Her Bottom [VIDEO]

The supermodel blooms after Bieber fight

Justin Bieber Makes Another Jab At Orlando Bloom

2014 Young Hollywood Awards Brought To You By Samsung Galaxy - Show

Sparks most mature argument ever

A Celebrity Threw A Punch At Justin Bieber, Onlookers Cheered

No, it was not Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber Used A Wheelchair So He Could Cut Lines At Disneyland

Confirms his status as ‘worst person in the world’

Selena Gomez Got A Scandalous New Tattoo [PHOTO]

(Photo: Instagram)

Shots fired, Bieber

Baby Bieber Sentenced In Egg-Tossing Case, Must Pay Up

Handout shows Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber in police custody in Miami Beach, Florida

‘Extremely immature and a silly act’

The Paparazzi Are Determined To Give The World More Bieber

‘This is so ridiculous’

Twitter Narcissus: Montel Williams Says The 'Damn White House' Should Return His Calls

Montel Williams

Looks like Twitter created a monster

Fighting Racism Charges, Bieber Baptized In A Manhattan Bathtub


How refreshing