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Why I Attended The White House Iftar

Obama Ramadan.JPEG

The Prophet never boycotted his enemies, even when they boycotted Muslims.

Congress's misguided crusade against India

Rep. Keith Ellison

Keith Ellison makes common cause with Christian conservatives.

FNC's Jonathan Hoenig: Keith Ellison financial transaction tax proposal 'Sharia creep' [VIDEO]


Capitalist Pig hedge fund co-founder says Sharia law prohibits derivative trading, speculation

Rep. Ellison sings to celebrate same-sex marriage in Minnesota

Ellison with Guitar

Lake State pol croons Woody Guthrie to the nation

Peter King, Keith Ellison debate targeting Muslims for surveillance

Lawmakers debate feasibility and legality of targeting ‘a particular community’

Rep. Keith Ellison: requiring voters to show IDs is malicious - TheDC

Rep. Keith Ellison

‘ALEC movement to push gov’t issued ID bills was done w/ malice aforethought.’

Keith Ellison responds to Allen West's 'communist' claim: 'Sir, have you no decency?' - TheDC

Progressive caucus co-chair says West is ‘standing in the way’ of the public’s ‘good fortune’

Congressional Dems rally in support of 'Occupy Wall Street' - TheDC

Wall Street Protest

Liberal politicians offer support, encouragement, plans for action

Olbermann on Rep. Peter King: 'Frankly, forgive the language, he is an asshole' - TheDC

Current TV host trashes chairman of House Homeland Security committee

Keith Ellison to Herman Cain: 'Review that Pledge of Allegiance' - TheDC

‘Look, Mr. Cain has made a lot of statements about his hostility toward the Muslim community’

Maher goes after 'religion of peace' for reaction to Quran burning - TheDC

‘Real Time’ host questions why Islam has been given a pass for the murderous Afghan reaction to Quran burning

State Dept. to aid Iranian democracy movement with UN 'rapporteur,' accused regime backer - TheDC

State Department senior official to attend conference of organization accused of being advocate for Iranian theocracy

Maher: The Quran is a 'hate-filled holy book' - TheDC

Maher tells Keith Ellison the Quran is a ‘hate-filled holy book’ that inspires terrorism

The tears of a clown - TheDC Opinion

Congressman Keith Ellison fake cried at yesterday’s hearing on Muslim radicalization.

Muslim congressman breaks down in tears during committee hearing on Islamic extremism [VIDEO] - TheDC

Rep. Keith Ellison, one of two Muslim members of Congress, broke down in tears while delivering his testimony in defense of the Muslim community

Tea Party Nation Founder: 'A majority of Tea Party members...are not fans of Islam' - TheDC

Judson Phillips explained why he sent out an email that included the Muslim faith of Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison on a list of reasons not to support him

8 questions with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser - TheDC

President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and outspoken opponent of Islamist organizations speaks to TheDC

Grayson wants Gibbs fired, calls him 'Bozo the Spokesman' - The Hill

Gibbs raised the ire of liberals Tuesday when he told The Hill that some left-wing critics of the Obama administration “ought to be drug tested”

TheDC's campaign videos of the week - TheDC

Some are just shocking, some are weird and others might actually win some votes