keystone pipeline

PAPER: Media Treats Eco-Terrorists Like Rock Stars

Energy | Chris White
'Slightly deranged'

What's More Scary To Environmentalists -- Climate Change Or Prison?

Energy | Chris White
'I'm not courageous or brave'

Seattle Activist Gets Sentenced In Massive Four-State Anti-Oil Protest

Energy | Chris White
One year in prison

TransCanada Restarts Keystone After Oil Leak

Energy | Chris White
'We begin to return to normal operating conditions'

Eco-Terrorist Explains Why She Tried To Kill An Oil Pipeline -- Her Defense Is Disturbing

Energy | Chris White
Eco-terrorists act 'in accordance with higher laws'

Nebraska Regulators Prepare A Verdict On Keystone's Fate

Energy | Chris White
They're tight-lipped on which direction they'll take

Canada Is Now Dependent On US Energy After TransCanada Nixes Major Pipelines

Energy | Chris White
'We’re beholden to the U.S.'

Environmentalists Follow Through On Threats To Target Trump's Energy Nominees

Energy | Chris White
'FERC hurts families!'

Enviros Claim Trump Is Illegally Withholding Information On Keystone Route

Energy | Chris White
"illegally" withhold documents about the route

Keystone XL Approval Energizes Canadian Petroleum Industry

World | David Krayden
'We really believe that it is not just possible but essential to have strong policies on climate change...'

Veterans Rally Against 'Enemy' Police Force At Standing Rock

Energy | Chris White
'They will be limited in their violence against us'

Gov't Finally Cracks Down On Dakota Pipeline Protester: Get Off The Land, Or Else

Energy | Chris White
'Will be considered trespassing and may be subject to prosecution'

It'll Be A Rough Thanksgiving For Dakota Pipeline Opponents

Energy | Chris White
Still, it's Thanksgiving and Obama has yet to officially place a timeline for approval of the project

Dakota Tribe's New Water System May End Concerns Over Oil Leaks

Energy | Chris White
'The new intake really does effectively reduce the concerns that this oil pipeline'

Trump Is Heavily Invested In Fight Over Dakota Access Pipeline

Energy | Chris White
$500,000 and $1 million invested in the company

Journalists Release Video Of 'Terrifying' Run-In With Dakota Protesters

Energy | Chris White
'these people will have a stand-off with the cops'

Eco-Terrorists Suspected Of Causing $2 Million In Arson Damage At Dakota Pipeline Site

Energy | Chris White
'(It's) pretty senseless'

Court Lifts Temporary Halt, Allows Dakota Oil Pipeline To Move Forward

Energy | Chris White
'We deny the motion'

Feds Reduce Fines For Pipeline Explosion From $562 Million To $6 Million

Energy | Chris White
'It's nearly impossible to return a guilty verdict'

Union Boss Slams Obama For Putting Environmentalists Ahead Of Workers

Business | Connor D. Wolf
'It appears that environmental extremists have convinced the President to tax our energy sector'

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