las vegas shooting

Jason Aldean And Wife Brittany Announce They Are Expecting: 'Here We Go Again'

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich

Police Finally Release Body Cam Footage From Las Vegas Massacre

US | Amber Athey
'Check under the bed'

When Rubber Bands Become 'MACHINE GUNS': Why The Proposed Ban On Bump-Fire Devices Won't Stop Criminals

op-ed | Gary S. Green
The proposed legislation by the ATF only hurts law-abiding persons

Unbelievable: Vegas Massacre Survivor Lived To See His Son Survive Parkland Shooting

| Anders Hagstrom
'I want to be safe'

Four Unanswered Questions Plague Las Vegas Police Mass Shooting Report

Investigative Group | Richard Pollock
There are more questions than answers

Discovery On The Las Vegas Shooting: AZ Man Sold Armor Piercing Weaponry To Shooter

US | Julia Nista
The suspect ran 'Specialized Military Ammunition'

Rapper Apologizes For Driving Around Las Vegas In A Humvee With A Mounted Machine Gun

Entertainment | Jack Wisniewski
'Never meant to offend anybody'

Mandalay Bay Staff Had Multiple Interactions With Las Vegas Shooter Before Massacre

US | Kerry Picket

A Third Las Vegas Survivor Has Been Killed, This Time In A Hit-And-Run

US | Tim Pearce
'I don't understand why he wasn't taken at the shooting'

Jason Aldean Describes Panic He Felt During Las Vegas Shooting

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'Then it happened again'

CMAs Pay Tribute To Victims Of Las Vegas Shooting

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich

WSJ Journo Angry Trump Didn't Call For Death Penalty For Vegas Shooter

Media | Amber Athey
Hmmmm wonder why

Elite Consensus: Only White Terrorists Are A Problem

Editorial | Scott Greer
Liberal reactions to mass violence change dramatically depending on the perpetrator

Flashback: Schumer Immediately Politicizes Vegas Shooting

Politics | Amber Athey
'The dream agenda of the gun lobby and the NRA...'

Illinois House Shuts Down Bill That Would Tighten Gun Control

US | Nick Givas
Bill sought to ban bump stocks

Deluded Actress Thinks Gun Control Isn't About The Second Amendment

US | Amber Athey

Country Stars Remember Las Vegas Victims During CMT Awards

Entertainment | David Hookstead
It was a powerful speech

Gun Grabbing Media Shills For Gun Control After Vegas Shooting

Media | Amber Athey

Jason Aldean Returns To Stage With A Message That's Can't-Miss

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
He didn't hold back

Hollywood Producers Attack The NRA--Meanwhile Their Movies Are Rife With Gun Violence

Entertainment | Amber Athey

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