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Rand Paul: James Clapper and Edward Snowden should 'share a prison cell'

Announces class action lawsuit to challenge NSA spying

GOP congressman: Obama's disregard of law 'has reached an unprecedented level'

Pushes new lawsuit: ‘Congress should be able to assert its standing’

Makers of SAT, ACT sued over sale of students' personal information

standardized test. Photo: Getty Images

Test companies collect big bucks from colleges trolling for applicants

Student injured after dude shot bottle rocket from anus can't sue Marshall University

bottle rockets. Creative Commons/Surachit

Lawsuit will continue against remaining defendants

Firearms industry trade association joins lawsuit against new Colorado gun-control laws - National Shooting Sports Foundation

NSSF Header

“Has joined with 54 county sheriffs”

Beer lovers seek justice for allegedly watered-down Budweiser

Anheuser-Busch Approaches Mexican Beer Company Day After Bid From InBe

Suit claims beer maker is watering down its brews

The 10 best lines from the greatest lawsuit ever

Tiger Woods

‘Ms. Gordon had not ‘straddled Tiger Woods’ a few weeks earlier’

Kim Kardashian and Old Navy settle lawsuit over commercial - AP

Kim Kardashian

The retailer used a Kim lookalike to sell clothes in July 2011

Lawsuits over Colorado shooting unlikely to prevail

One Aurora moviegoer has already filed a suit against the theater, Holmes’ doctors and Warner Brothers.

Mega-lawsuit says NFL hid brain injury links - AP

NFL Concussions Two Years Later Football.JPEG

Lawyers for former players say more than 80 pending lawsuits are consolidated in the “master complaint” filed Thursday in Philadelphia

Notre Dame sues Obama over birth control mandate - TheDCNF

Obama at Notre Dame

Notre Dame is the largest Roman Catholic university in the country

Verdict pending for Oracle's suit against Google - Fox News

Oracle Google

Oracle, Google await verdict in $1 billion smartphone lawsuit

Penguin says DOJ complaint contains "misstatements and omissions" - WSJ

Electronic Books Antitrust Lawsuit

The suit describes how Apple executives allegedly worked with the publishers in late 2009 and early 2010, as the iPad launch approached, to fine-tune the new pricing model.

'Go ahead, make my day': Clint Eastwood sues furniture company - TheDC

Clint Eastwood

The lawsuit alleges that Evofurniture is using his likeness to sell entertainment centers, ottomans and chairs

LA judge declares mistrial in 'Desperate Housewives' firing case - AP

Nicollette Sheridan

Jury deadlocked over Nicollette Sheridan’s claims that she was wrongfully terminated

Mario Puzo estate wants to cancel 'The Godfather' contract with Paramount in countersuit - THR

The Godfather

Legal battle continues over the iconic novel’s author and the movie studio who owns the rights to the material

Jury will soon offer finale in 'Housewives' trial - AP

Desperate Housewives Lawsuit.JPEG

Panel will decide whether or not Nicollette Sheridan was wrongfully terminated after being killed off the hit series in 2008

Mario Batali settles suit accusing him and partner of skimming staff's tips - CBS

Mario Batali

The celebrity chef will pay $5.25 million to as many as 1,100 waiters

Paula Deen denies sexual harassment charges - TheDC

Paula Deen

Former employee sued Deen and her brother for repeated sexual harassment and a hostile work environment

Nicollette Sheridan's lawyer says no one will hire her - THR

Nicollette Sheridan

The actress can’t get work after being booted from ‘Desperate Housewives’