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Is Religious Liberty Being Threatened By Obama's Latest Executive Order?

Obama Signs Executive Order

New LGBT non-discrimination order alarms religious freedom advocates

Obama Signs Executive Order Affecting 20 Percent Of American Workers

‘I’m going to do what I can with the authority I have to act’

Colleges All Over America Give Special Cords To Gay Graduates For Overcoming 'Heterosexism'

public domain, AFP/Getty Images/Mandel Ngan

‘Repeated heterosexism’ and ‘assigned love poems in English class’ cause hardship

Hallmark Debuts Series Of LGBT eCards For Fathers' Day

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 8.53.12 AM

‘It doesn’t matter who’s in it, LOVE makes a family’

Jonah Hill Has To Apologize Just One More Time

He’s really, really sorry

Nobody is 'born that way,' gay historians say

Members of the London Gay Men's Choir perform in front of the Houses of Parliament in central London

The quixotic search for past gay minorities

Most gay marriage religious exemptions are not discriminatory

A gay couple holds hands during a rally in support of the United States Supreme Court decision on marriage rights in San Diego

It’s not about refusing service; the 14th amendment protects gays from that. Weddings are the problem.

'Leave us alone' is now 'bake us a cake.' Why this is a huge battle

Supporters of traditional marriage put away signs after a rally at Utah's State Capitol building in Salt Lake City, Utah

The tension between liberty and equality is alive and well in this debate.

Obama's 2014 campaign bashes Uganda on gay issues

Anti-gay supporters celebrate after Uganda's President Museveni signed a law imposing harsh penalties for homosexuality in Kampala

‘The Ugandan president took a step backward’

Facebook offers 50 new terms for gender designation

SF Gay Pride Parade Bolstered By Recent Supreme Court Rulings

Gender options include transgender, cisgender and dozens more

Gay Christian professor tells students to stop ID'ing people by sexuality

Christopher Yuan Twitter

‘My identity should not be defined only by my passions or desires or feelings’

'Straight' talk about bigotry

Supporters of gay marriage hold rainbow-colored flags as they rally in front of the Supreme Court in Washington

Traditional marriage advocates are here, get used to it.

Obama sends pair of gay delegates to Russian Olympics

Russian President Putin holds a lighted Olympic torch during a ceremony to mark the start of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics torch relay in Moscow

Delegation ‘represents the diversity that is the United States,’ says National Security Council

Gay magazine names Pope Francis 'Person of the Year'


Cover features photo of the pontiff with ‘NOH8′ stamped on his cheek

Southern Poverty Law Center reduced to bullying school over transgender yearbook photo

Jeydon Loredo. Photo: KGBT screenshot

SPLC insists female student ‘is a boy and must be treated like any other boy’

Complaint filed over college's use of 'queer' as a gender choice on job application

Colorado College Campus

‘It’s totally from the Dark Ages’

Obama signals quiet support for transgender, gay status bill

Biden stands with Obama

ENDA bill include transgender rights that could have a wide impact

Putin is not the gay bogeyman

Russia Gay Rights.JPEG

Reports of a Russian crackdown on homosexuality have been greatly exaggerated.