Va. County Imposes Transgender Lessons On Middle Schoolers

Education | Kerry Picket
Transgender Bathrooms

‘I predict there’s going to be a lot of unexcused absences in the future…’

Iran Is Forcing Men Into Sex Changes, And The State Dept Officially Dubs It 'Confirmation Surgery'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ivan Plis
A young Iranian man (L) in women's clothes smiles during a visit by doctor Bahram Mir-Jalali (C) to a transsexual patient after a sex change operation at a hospital in Tehran, 17 August 2004. (BEHROUZ MEHRI/AFP/Getty Images)

Kerry: ‘There is nothing sanctimonious in this’

U. Oklahoma To Segregate Gay Students Into SEPARATE-BUT-EQUAL Study Lounge

Education | Eric Owens
Getty Images/Buyenlarge, public domain

‘Having a safe place will help students be themselves’

Alaska Air Offers Exciting Airfare Discounts For Gay People

US | Eric Owens
Alaska Air LGBT travel from Alaska Air website

‘We are encouraging the LGBT community to travel’

Therapists Must Be Allowed To Help Kids Struggling With Gender

Opinion | David Benkof
SF Gay Pride Parade Bolstered By Recent Supreme Court Rulings (Sarah Rickee/Getty Images)

Transgender girls usually grow up to be gay men — and that’s OK

White House Opens Gender Neutral Restroom

US | Kerry Picket
Transgender Bathrooms


The LGBT Bait-And-Switch On Religious Freedom

Opinion | David Benkof
Gay rights

Same-sex marriage laws were fraudulently sold as “religious freedom” measures

The 'Humiliation' Case For Overturning Marriage Laws Is Bogus

Opinion | George M. Weaver
Greg and Roger kiss after getting married in a park outside the Jefferson County Courthouse in Birmingham

In the United States apparently self-determination does not count for much.

Don't Believe The Self-Described 'Children Of Gays'

Opinion | David Lampo
gay flag

That a gay man like Mr. Lopez would make this his very own cause celebre is a very sad thing indeed.

Celebrities React To Indiana's Religious Freedom Law

US | Heather Smith

Indiana governor slams ‘shameless rhetoric’ about the law

Does Every Parade Have To Be A Gay Pride Parade?

Opinion | John-Henry Westen
Gay rights supporters protest against the exclusion of the gay community from the St. Patrick's Day parade during the annual event in New York on March 17, 2014. (Photo: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

The gay lobby’s “tolerance” message is just slick PR

Gay Couple To Use As LGBT Platform

Daily Caller News Foundation | Rachel Stoltzfoos

Refusing to sell the domain

Sinise Surrenders To The LGBT Lobby -- What Would Lieutenant Dan Say?

Opinion | Austin Ruse
Gary Sinise

He pulled out of a Catholic conference within hours of facing criticism.

The LGBT Community's 'Suicide Strategy' Killed Leelah Alcorn

Opinion | David Benkof
Photo: Tumblr/LazerPrincess

The “higher rates of gay teen suicide” claim is a lie

CNN's Toobin: 'Outrageous' Supreme Court Won't Hear Same-Sex Marriage Appeals

Politics | Al Weaver

‘Frankly, I think this was a real abdication of duty on the part of the Supreme Court’

Richard Posner's Gay Marriage Ruling Shows Why We're Losing

Opinion | David Benkof
Supporters of gay marriage hold rainbow-colored flags as they rally in front of the Supreme Court in Washington

Traditional marriage is doomed by its inept supporters, not its opponents.

Two Can Play The Gay Vigilante Game

Opinion | David Benkof
New York City Clerks Offices Open Sunday For First Day Of Gay Marriages

If traditionalists did to the gay community what hidden-cam stingers are doing, there would be massive outrage.

Is Religious Liberty Being Threatened By Obama's Latest Executive Order?

Politics | Kate Patrick
Obama Signs Executive Order

New LGBT non-discrimination order alarms religious freedom advocates

Obama Signs Executive Order Affecting 20 Percent Of American Workers

Politics | Ariel Cohen

‘I’m going to do what I can with the authority I have to act’

Colleges All Over America Give Special Cords To Gay Graduates For Overcoming 'Heterosexism'

Education | Eric Owens
public domain, AFP/Getty Images/Mandel Ngan

‘Repeated heterosexism’ and ‘assigned love poems in English class’ cause hardship