Group Challenges Law Banning Schools Telling Parents About Children In Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs

World | David Krayden
'There's no nuances in the law. That's the big problem'

HuffPost Writer: 'You Have No Business' Eating At Chick-Fil-A If You're Gay

US | Jena Greene
Very inclusive...

University 'Queer + Trans People Of Color Coalition' Wants All-Gender Locker Room

Education | Rob Shimshock
'Do you like trans and gender nonconforming people?'

CrossFit Exec Says LGBT Pride Is A 'Sin,' Immediately Fired

US | Eric Lieberman
'God truly defines...'

Trudeau Wants To Allow Gay Men To Donate Blood

World | David Krayden
'Our entire government is committed to full equality for the queer community'

Former Vatican Doctrine Chief Says Homophobia 'Doesn't Exist' And Is Part Of Marxist Totalitarian Scheme

World | Joshua Gill
'You can't make compromises with wolves'

Sex Abuse Victim Claims Pope Said God Made Him Gay

World | Joshua Gill
'God made you like this and loves you like this'

Oregon School Accused Of Forcing Gay Students To Read The Bible For Punishment

World | Joshua Gill
'Discrimination on the basis of sex and sexual orientation'

Anglican Church To Bless Gay Marriages In New Zealand

World | Joshua Gill
'We disagree with the final outcome'

Actress Wears LGBTQ-Inspired Ensemble To Catholic-Themed Gala

US | Gabrielle Okun
'Be yourself'

Pastor Says Homosexuality Isn't A Sin. Her Church Was Just Expelled From The Baptist Association

US | Joshua Gill
'We contend that gay orientation is not a choice'

U.S. Bishops And Faith Leaders Urge Protection For Religious Child Welfare Providers

US | Joshua Gill
'Protecting the birth mother's choice'

Kacey Musgraves Hopes For ‘Gay Country Music Icon’

Entertainment | David Krayden
‘I think that the rap that country music gets for being a bit homophobic...we come by that honestly’

Male Escort Outs 40 Gay Priests

World | Joshua Gill
'Repent for the harm done'

Trudeau Budget Plans For Gender-Neutral, LGBTQ2-Friendly Data Collection

World | David Krayden
‘This is a real line from #Budget2018: “men and boys also have gendered intersecting identities”.I swear I'm not making that up.’

Man Arrested For Threatening Church For Offering Counseling To Sexually Confused Girls

US | Joshua Gill
'Antifa will show up armed and ready'

Church Renames Transgender Pastor, Compares Her To Peter And Abraham

US | Joshua Gill
'Transitioned from female to male'

The LGBT Community Threatened A Church For Offering Counseling, Now They Say It Exorcised A Transgender Boy

US | Joshua Gill
'My son thought he had a demon'

Georgia Tech Sex Education Event Bans 'Straight Cisgender' Students

Education | Ian Miles Cheong
Too straight for sex ed.

Every GLAAD-Nominated Marvel Comic Book Has Been Canceled

US | Ian Miles Cheong
The free market has no interest in social justice comics.

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