50 things to ponder about college basketball

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A couple of kids figure to add even more juice to the North Carolina-Duke rivalry, a Hurricane hit the Great Wall of China and the Wall hit back, and does anybody know how to get to Iowa City?

Early favorite Workforce scratched from BC Turf - AP

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Workforce, the 7-5 early favorite, was scratched from the $3 million Breeders’ Cup Turf on Saturday morning because of the firm grass course at Churchill Downs

For Zenyatta and the Mosses, the sweet tune of perfection - NYT

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Above all else, Jerry Moss is a Music Man

Conway may have tipped off brother about drug investigation - TheDC

Politics | Alex Pappas

The Democratic AG of Kentucky running for U.S. Senate appears involved in a recent criminal investigation that led to no charges being filed against his brother for drug trafficking

Rand Paul attends Machine Gun Rally - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Winkler

Paul said that the 2nd amendment fight is still not over, despite recent victories, at the ‘World’s Largest Machine Gun Rally’ in Kentucky Saturday

Pitino tells jury about sex with extortion suspect - AP

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Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino told a jury about his sexual encounter with the woman now accused of demanding millions from him

Trial begins on Pitino extortion case - AP

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Trial will begin Monday in the case of a woman charged with trying to extort University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino

Paul has Tea Party to thank for success - AP

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Paul: Tea Party gives ‘open mike’ for unhappy voters

Private rights and civil rights clash in the South - WaPo

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Private social clubs are reluctant to integrate in spite of civil rights laws

Pervert arrested for masturbating in store - WLKY

| Pat McMahon

Kentucky man jailed for masturbating in store in front of patrons and then continuing it in a phone booth

Man arrested for killing woman during 'sex act' - WLKY

| Pat McMahon

Kentucky man was charged with murder and sodomy after his girlfriend’s body was found in his home

Jenny Craig seeks sweet treat in Kentucky Derby - AP

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The colt is named for the late husband of weight loss maven Jenny Craig, who plans to attend Saturday’s Kentucky Derby

Best dressed of the Kentucky Derby [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

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There are only few places where you can experience the aura of another era. Churchill Downs is one of them

Why Obama won’t beat Palin in 2012 - Daily Caller Opinion

Opinion | John Ziegler

Here’s a hint: Because she’s not running!

Big East sifts through the wreckage - Philadelphia Inquirer

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Villanova, a second seed, and Pittsburgh, a third seed, were bounced in the second round. Four teams went one-and-out, with Georgetown, a third seed, knocked out by 14th-seeded Ohio

Why Palin shouldn’t run in 2012

Opinion | John Ziegler

It is quite possible that with the media playing their siren’s song, her fans chanting “run, Sarah, run!,” her obsequious advisors hoping for campaign jobs, and with the specter of being the first female nominated for president tantalizingly within her grasp, the temptation may just be too great for her or any other human to resist. If she is able to do so, it will forever prove that media’s narrative about her could not be more wrong.

Big East tourney: Post-season redemption for bubble teams - The New York Post

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Connecticut is used to drama at the Big East Tournament, just not this kind

On pot watch - THAINDIAN NEWS

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A group of police officers were escorting a transfer truck carrying more than 1700 pounds of marijuana when the marijuana mysteriously disappeared

Early predictions for those March Madness 'crazies'

Sports | AJ

The NCAA tournament is less than two months away. The greatest bubble in sports is beginning to form, and questions are emerging. Did Connecticut not do enough out-of-conference?