Brooklyn woman receives three unopened letters from 45 years ago

US | Maggie Knors

‘Talk about a blast from the past’

Postal worker arrested for delivering mail naked - AP

US | Steven Nelson (admin)

The Wisconsin postal carrier says he simply wanted to cheer up a woman on his mail rounds who seemed ‘stressed out’

Naked postal carrier tries to cheer up sad woman by delivering mail in the nude - Chicago Breaking News

| Pat McMahon

A Wisconsin mailman shows up to one woman’s house nude in an attempt to fix her “stressed out” mood

Socialized mail service faces privatized loss? - AP

US | interns

While the post office does not receive tax money it still must answer to Congress, which has been reluctant to close local post offices

Shippers fought cargo controls - AP

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The shipping industry has long contended that requiring the careful inspection of every package would cost too much and take too long

Around the world, a race against time bombs in air - AP

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Alerted to the plot by Saudi intelligence, security officials chased the two packages across five countries, trying frantically over the next two days to prevent an explosion that could have come at any moment

Saudis warned US of package bomb plot weeks ago - AP

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Yemen-based al-Qaida claimed responsibility Friday for sending two bombs addressed to synagogues in the U.S. and intercepted in Dubai and Britain

Terrorist bombers may have targeted aircraft - AP

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Powerful explosives addressed to Chicago synagogues may have been intended to destroy the planes they were sent on

Officials: Investigators nearly missed 1 bomb - AP

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The near-miss shows that the suspected al-Qaida bomb was sophisticated enough to escape notice

White House: Could be more mail bombs - AP

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President Obama’s counterterrorism adviser said Sunday that authorities ‘have to presume’ there might be more potential mail bombs like the ones pulled from planes in England

Obama aide: US ready to aid Yemen against al-Qaida - AP

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Yemeni authorities are checking more packages in the search for terrorists who tried to mail bombs to Chicago-area synagogues

Election Day is already over for many Floridians as early voting surges - Miami Herald

Politics | Vince Coglianese

County supervisors are mailing ballots earlier than ever and races are being won or lost before the polls open

6 Americans quarantined in white powder scare - AP

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U.S. Army post office personnel have been quarantined after handling a package containing a powdery substance at Istanbul’s main airport

What a delightful Hamm sandwich! - Daily Mail

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Jon Hamm shares a back seat with Mad Men beauties on the cover of Rolling Stone

Flight attendant threatens to unleash jihad - NY Post

| interns

Fired American Airlines employee says he will send employee information to terrorists

Woman accused of dumping kitten in mailbox - CBS News

| interns

Police save cat that had been left in a closed box with hopes of adoption

White powder sent to Arizona governor - THE DAILY CALLER

US | interns

State Capitol police shut down the access to the Executive Tower Tuesday morning after a letter containing an unknown “white powdery substance” was opened in the governor’s constituency services office

5 states receive failing grade on Census - AP

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Because of lackluster reports from residents of five particular states, this may result in losing house seats

Hillary invades Canada!

Feature:Opinion | Ken Blackwell

To be true to her mission to the North, Madam Secretary’s limo should have borne the flag she is actually serving—the Jolly Roger

United States Pot Service

US | interns

According to U.S. government officials, more marijuana is now being shipped through the U.S. Mail than in recent memory