Enough Is Enough: Mayor: Publish Names Of Welfare Recipients To Combat Fraud

US | Derek Hunter
Photo illustration of U.S. dollar notes displayed in Johannesburg

Recipients fear shame if their names are publicly known

Publicly-Subsidized Housing Complex Disarms Elderly Burglary Victim, Cites Lease Violation

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | NRA ILA
Exterior of the apartment where actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead is seen in Manhattan, New York

Former Police Officer Disarmed After His Home Invaded

Before Approving The Iran Deal, Think Of The Climate

Satire | Scoops Delacroix
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif gestures as he talks with journalist from a balcony of the Palais Coburg hotel where the Iran nuclear talks meetings are being held in Vienna,

A nuclear Iran is only a temporary threat, global warming is forever.

Investors Bilk Maine Out Of $16 Million

Business | Peter Fricke
A paper mill in Georgetown, South Carolina (photo: Pollinator at the English language Wikipedia)

$40 million investment in paper mill turns out to be worth $8 million, and didn’t go to paper mill

State Labor Department Warns Maine Lawmakers Of Proposed Wage Increase

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf
Fast Food Strikes.JPEG

‘Raising the minimum addresses the symptom, not the cause of poverty’

43 Percent Of This City's Long-Term Homeless Have AT LEAST $20,000 In The Bank

US | Chuck Ross

One long-term resident has $161,000 in assets

Angus King Trolls GOP, Sticks With Democrats

Politics | Alex Griswold

The GOP already has two Kings in the House anyways…

Affordable Care: 30,000 Indiana Residents Losing Their Insurance Due To Obamacare

US | Derek Hunter

Indiana adds to growing list of states experiencing cancellations

Chris Christie To The Rescue! Hitting 19 States In 5 Days

Politics | Derek Hunter

Currying a lot of favor for possible 2016 run

Democratic Candidate Claims To Be A Doctor Even Though Her License Was Revoked Years Ago

Politics | Chuck Ross

Falsely claiming to be an M.D. against the law

EXCLUSIVE: Dem Senator Jeanne Shaheen's Real Estate Troubles

Politics | Patrick Howley

21 liens and ten mortgages

Check Out These Insane Tweets From A Staffer For The Dem Candidate For Governor Of Maine

Politics | Lauren Eissler
Ben Gagnon with Michaud Patrick Shumlin 2

‘I would not expect a sitting congressman and aspiring governor to allow such sexist and hate-filled behavior in his offices’

Woman Receives College Diploma 75 YEARS After Graduation

Education | Ariel Cohen
Graduating student has "I Did It" written on her mortar board during Commencement Exercises at Boston College

‘They say, you know, when you give up learning you grow old. So I don’t intend to give up learning’

Tractor Trailer Crash Angers 20 MILLION Bees

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
(Flickr/Creative Commons)

Not terrifying AT ALL

Man in search of shrooms rips open dead porcupine, delivers baby

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
(Photo: Screenshot/Youtube)

‘I cut the sack open and out fell the porcupine’

Is this the cutest moose fight you ever done seen?

US | Christopher Bedford

Why yes, yes it is

Maine worker's activist harasses Greyhound worker, posts video on Facebook

Daily Caller News Foundation | Chuck Ross
greyhound station

‘So when are they going to replace you with one of the electronic ticket machines that never make mistakes?’

Maine Congressional hopeful withdraws from race

Politics | Alexis Levinson
Maine State Rep. Alexander Willette

See why

Maine bill would prohibit law enforcement from tracking cell phones without warrant

Politics | Josh Peterson
Cell phones

Exceptions made ‘in cases of imminent threat to national security or grave personal injury’

Judge: Transgender kid can't expect to use girls' bathroom - TheDC

Education | Eric Owens
bathroom signs

Parents to appeal decision to Maine’s high court