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Rubio 2016? Behind-the-scenes move points to White House run

Marco Rubio

GOPer considering presidential campaign

Marco Rubio uses Uber as an example to talk about free markets and big government

File photo of Sen. Marco Rubio addressing the Faith & Freedom Coalition Road to Majority Conference Kickoff Luncheon in Washington

Senator tries to make conservative ideas practical

Rubio, touring Uber headquarters, says government regulations hurt innovators

Marco Rubio visits Uber's DC headquarters, discusses economic innovation

‘One of the things that’s holding back innovation in America is regulations’

Can Rand reach young progressives?

Rand Paul gives his victory speech after winning the Senate Republican primary election in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Or is it a fool’s errand?

Republicans hammer away on the growth theme

Marco Rubio speaking at CPAC - Daily Caller-Kelsi Thorud 16

It’s a key to winning big in November.

These two Republicans are polling the best against Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at the University of Miami in Florida

Pair of former governors doing well so far

For Rubio and Rand, running for president and re-election would pose challenges

Books by U.S. Senators Rubio and Paul share a table display at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland

And not just legal obstacles…

Republican presidential hopefuls slam Obama's budget

Senator Rubio of Florida speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference at National Harbor, Marylan

‘This budget isn’t a serious document; it’s a campaign brochure’

Hillary would 'struggle' in presidential campaign, Rubio says

Senator Rubio of Florida speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference at National Harbor, Marylan

She’ll ‘have to answer for Benghazi’

Marco Rubio blasts media coverage of Venezuela

Marco Rubio

‘I think some sympathize with the left’

Venezuelan president calls Marco Rubio ‘loco’

Maduro calls Rubio ‘loco.’

COULTER: Did I move?


‘Why shouldn’t Republicans oppose mass immigration on the grounds that immigrants will vote Democratic?’

Manny Pacquiao hung out with Marco Rubio last week and gave him a Pacquiao action figure

Marco Rubio and Manny Pacquiao

‘So I tried to see if I could get any inside information from him’

Could Common Core kill school choice?

Common Core The Critics.JPEG

The Department of Education will be able to set standards for all America’s schools, including charters

As rivals stumble, Rubio 'looking the part of a serious leader'

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio greets Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Abe's office in Tokyo

The contrast couldn’t be sharper.

Rubio proposes big changes in war on poverty


‘America is still the land of opportunity for most, but it is not a land of opportunity for all. If we are to remain an exceptional nation, we must close this gap in opportunity’

ANOTHER MSNBC host steps in it, this time by accusing Rubio of racism

‘These are what the victories for congressional Republicans look like these days’

'A slap in the face'

Marco Rubio Faith And Freedom

Rubio slams latest Obamacare change

You'll be surprised to see who's on Grover Norquist's 2016 presidential list

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Cruz, Paul, Rubio and Santorum aren’t on this list

GOP senators propose bill to protect self-insurance health plans

Senate Minority Leader McConnell speaks to reporters in Washington

‘This legislation preserves small employers’ and individuals’ ability to make their own insurance choices’