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Santa Fe Joins Others In Decriminalizing Marijuana

‘It still is an historic win for us all’

Boulder Schools Opt Out Of Controversial Rat Cage Anti-Pot Campaign

Giant cages not ‘a positive or intelligent way to approach young people’

A Stoner Named Stoner Arrested On Pot Charges

He had over $10,000 worth of marijuana plants in his home

Marijuana Industry Raises Money For Anti-Pot Governor

But not everyone in the industry is high on the incumbent

Medical Examiner: Marijuana Could Have Made Brown Act 'In A Crazy Way'

Officer says Brown assaulted, charged him

Prison-To-Pot-Farm Plan Met With Skepticism In Rural Colorado

‘I don’t think that a large pot growing facility is a wise use of our water resources’

Willie Nelson Ends His Shows With POUNDS Of Weed Left On Stage

Pot aficionado rarely runs out of weed

Denver Uses Giant Rat Cages To Curb Teen Pot Use

Not surprisingly, props are defaced within hours of their unveiling

Colorado Teens Smoking Less Pot Since Legalization

But for the anti-pot crowd, less is still more

D.C. To Vote On Marijuana Legalization In November

Not everyone in the District is hopping on the legalization roll

White House Upholds States' Rights, At Least For Marijuana

Marijuana plants are seen in an indoor cultivation in Montevideo

‘Prohibition has failed’

Science: Marijuana Can Help Slow Cancer Tumor Growth

But the scientists don’t want you to self-medicate

Report: Coloradans Smoking Pot By The Tons

‘This study finds total marijuana demand to be much larger than previously estimated’

The Border Patrol Victory No One's Talking About

Visitors pose in front of a flag similia
Canadian tourists want to smoke weed in the US and DHS is ON IT

Colorado Man Who Gives 'No F****' Asks Obama If He Wants Some Weed

‘I was holding up a ‘joint’ and I really didn’t mind because, well, it’s Colorado!’

Pot Stores To Open In ANOTHER State, Analysts Expect Severe Shortages

‘We’re pretty stoked’

HIGHER Education: Now You Can Go To College Just To Study Pot

Marijuana plants are seen in an indoor cultivation in Montevideo

Blaze up and hit those books

Marijuana Critics Are Now A Thing

‘I mean, it definitely wasn’t where I saw myself’

Berkeley City Council Requires Dispensaries To Hand Out Free Pot

A marijuana plant is seen at Tweed Marijuana Inc in Smith's Falls

‘This was really important’