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Baltimore Politician Accuses Police Of 'Raping The City'

US | Anders Hagstrom
'This is madness'

Baltimore Drops Dozens Of Cases Due To Police Misconduct And Racketeering

US | Anders Hagstrom
'Tainted convictions'

Baltimore Officials Admit Change In Policing Played A Role In High Homicide Count

US | Amber Randall
'There was a price to pay'

Baltimore Cops Caught In 'Questionable Activity' Again At Crime Scene

US | Amber Randall
'We're aware of it'

Mosby Claims She Helped Foster Change In Police Department

US | Amber Randall
'Had I not had a seat at the table'

This Marilyn Mosby Photo Of Her Voting For Hillary Is Definitely Illegal

US | Chuck Ross
Maryland bans photos at the polls

Here's Why All Six Baltimore Cops Walked Free In Freddie Gray Case

US | Casey Harper
'Likely resulted in the loss of a conviction ...'

Marilyn Mosby Slams Police Investigators, Baltimore Judge In Fiery Press Conference

US | Chuck Ross
Mosby drops charges against 3 cops in Freddie Gray case

Trump: Baltimore Prosecutor Should 'Prosecute Herself'

Elections | Steve Guest
'She is a disgrace to the world of prosecutors for what she did'

Officer In Freddie Gray Case Gets Big Verdict

US | Kevin Daley
'This prosecutor rushed to judgment'

One Mistake May Have Cost Marilyn Mosby A Conviction In The Freddie Gray Case

US | Casey Harper
'Likely resulted in the loss of a conviction'

Marilyn Mosby Is Facing Yet ANOTHER LAWSUIT From Different Baltimore Cops In Freddie Gray Case

US | Casey Harper
A barrage of lawsuits

Baltimore Cops To Sue Marilyn Mosby For 'Malicious Prosecution' In Freddie Gray Case

US | Casey Harper
'These six officers were essentially sacrificed'

The Suit Against Marilyn Mosby In Freddie Gray Case Has A Few Big Problems

US | Casey Harper
'Odds of winning are ...'

Baltimore Cops Sue Marilyn Mosby For Defamation In Freddie Gray Case

US | Casey Harper
'Exposed plaintiffs to public scorn, hatred and contempt'

A Year Later, Baltimore Freddie Gray Rioters Get Serious Prison Time

US | Casey Harper
'We will not tolerate protesters who vandalize and destroy our community and endanger the lives of others'

Former FBI Agent: Retry Officer To 'Destroy' Freddie Gray Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby's 'Credibility'

US | Steve Guest
Maryland is 'trying so hard to put this on somebody that they're missing the reality of what effective solutions actually are'

Freddie Gray Family Lands MASSIVE $6.4 Million Settlement

US | Blake Neff
Huge payout circumvents Maryland damage cap

Marilyn Mosby Downplays Link Between Freddie Gray Riots And Murder Spike, But Her Math Doesn't Add Up

US | Chuck Ross

Baltimore Judge REFUSES To Drop Charges Against 6 Cops

US | Chuck Ross
Mosby's comments 'inappropriate'

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