Fiendish Flipper: Dolphins will rape and kill you [VIDEO]

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These aren’t the cuddly sea mammals we’re led to believe they are

Big tuna fetches record $396,000 in Tokyo - AP

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The massive fish sold for a record price at auction

White House blame-watchdog, anti-Palin group get govt Gulf work - AP

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The contracts were among hundreds reviewed by The Associated Press as the government begins to provide an early glimpse at federal spending since the Gulf disaster in April.

How real leaders vacation - AP

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Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin fired darts from a crossbow in the latest in a series of man-versus-nature stunts designed to cultivate the image of a macho leader

Whaling ban at risk of collapse - AP

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The International Whaling Commission will face a major blow to its credibility if it fails next week to convince Japan to limit Antarctic hunts

Boat with containment box at site of blown out well - AP

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A boat carrying a 100-ton concrete-and-steel contraption arrived at the oil well spewing hundreds of thousands gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico

In Alaska, gulf spill brings back painful memories - AP

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Communities along the Gulf Coast wondering about what kind of legacy the monstrous oil slick will leave can look no further than the towns along the Alaska coastline

Commercial whale hunts may be limited - AP

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Commission considering limiting commercial whale hunts for the first time in 25 years

Not even sea lions like California

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Hundreds of sea lions that abruptly blew out of San Francisco Bay’s Pier 39 last Thanksgiving have apparently found a new home at another tourist attraction — 500 miles north on the Oregon coast. Thousands of California sea lions started showing up in December at Sea Lion Caves, a popular tourist draw because of the Stellar sea lions living in the caves.