Check Out This Video Of A Tanker Refueling Two F-35s In Midair At The Same Time

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Marine Corps F-35 approaches combat-ready date in July

The F-35 Doesn't Know What's Shooting At it

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Lockheed Martin F35 Italy

‘It’s always a chore to work through what the sensor is actually seeing’

Marine Detains Drunk Driver Fleeing Crash Scene

US | Jude Abeler

‘It sure made me feel a lot better to have a Marine there’

11 Service Members Presumed Dead After Blackhawk Crashes In Florida

US | Reuters
Handout photo of a U.S. Army UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter landing on a ship in the Arabian Gulf

‘Visibility is quite low right now’

Everyone's Missing The Real Issue Behind Marines Ditching Weapons In Yemen

Daily Caller News Foundation | Geoffrey Ingersoll

There was plenty of time to draw up an adequate exit plan

KARL ROVE: It's Not A Latte Salute, It's A Chai Tea Salute

Politics | Heather Smith

‘How disrespectful was that? Insensitive’

US Navy Secretary Wants To Ban Tobacco Sales On Navy And Marine Bases

US | Tristyn Bloom

Stop selling smokes, SECNAV says

These Robbery Suspects Thought They Could Get Away From This Armed Marine. They Were Wrong

US | Chuck Ross

‘At that point, the robber raised his pistol’

Awesome Marines save American flag from protesters dishonoring it

US | Sarah Hofmann
marines save flag from protesters

When they saw an upside-down flag in Albuquerque, a couple Marines intervened

What causes PTSD? Researchers come closer to finding out

US | Katie Callahan
Capt. Thomas Wallin, the commanding officer for the Ground Combat Element, passes orders to Sgt. Andrew Rodriguez, a team leader, on the flight line in Juba

Researchers find brain trauma increases risk of PTSD

Gender equality: a double standard for women in the military?

Opinion | Amber Smith
Marines Women Grads.JPEG

Discrimination will impact mission readiness.

US troops need to stop masturbating in Afghanistan

US | Business Insider
Port O Potty

Troops threatened with legal action under UCMJ

Honoring the fallen - NRA Life of Duty

Guns and Gear | Guns and Gear

“No greater act of love or noble act of selflessness”

Obama breaches Marine umbrella protocol - TheDC

Guns and Gear | Mike Piccione

Marine protecting presidential pate from rain was in violation of uniform guidelines

TSA disputes report that double amputee Marine made to remove prosthetics

US | Caroline May

‘We have the greatest respect for our men and women serving in the military’

Disabled Marine 'humiliated' by agents at Phoenix airport

US | Caroline May

‘An officer then made him remove his legs, then put them back on”

Sen. Rand Paul on Benghazi: 'Where in the hell were the Marines?'

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘The same time they’re denying security for Libya, they’re spending $100,000 greening up the embassy in Vienna’

Fighting On: Combat-wounded veterans prove being a warrior is all in the mindset. - Shooting Illustrated

Black Rifles & Tactical Guns | Mike Piccione

Even with limbs gone our troops fight on.

Top five reasons the F-35 will rule the sky - TheDC

US | Melissa Quinn
Japan Fighter Deal.JPEG

Even the world’s most advanced plane can’t compare to the capabilities of F-35