US Marines Rain Fire Down On ISIS In Syria

Video | Saagar Enjeti

100 rounds a day

US Makes It Easier For Filipino Marines To Gun Down Terrorists

World | Ryan Pickrell
A Philippine Marine fires his weapon towards the stronghold of Maute group in Marawi City, southern Philippines. REUTERS/Erik De Castro

Fighting militants in the southern Philippines

Guns & Politics: The Betrayal Of Those Who Served

Guns and Gear | Susan Smith

Recalled bonuses and budget cuts for the troops – Unlimited funds for illegal aliens – What is our nation’s priority?

Guns & Politics: Hillary Clinton's Record With Military Veterans

Guns and Gear | Susan Smith

Will Hillary Clinton as Commander-In-Chief serve those who served in our armed forces? Here is her record supporting veterans.

Changing Our Military From Uncle Sam To Uncle Samantha

Guns and Gear | Susan Smith

Our military is now obsessed with recruiting illegal aliens, gay pride, gender reassignment and dedicated to “eliminate the warrior mentality”

Cobras Bite Isis In Libya

Guns and Gear | Harold Hutchison
The AH-1 Cobra first saw service in 1967 and has remained relevant even in the face of the newer Apache helicopters. (REUTERS/USAF/Senior Airman Myles Cullen)

Marines take the snakes to the desert war

These 2 Marines Downloaded Pokemon Go, But They Didn't Count On Catching This

US | Anders Hagstrom
A customer looks at a stuffed Pokemon doll, a media franchise published and owned by Japanese video game company Nintendo, in Tokyo on October 24, 2012

‘At this point I’m running across the street’

Anti-War Hero Daniel Ellsberg Warns Obama Will Escalate War In Iraq

US | Richard Pollock
Former Pentagon employee Daniel Ellsberg poses for photographs in central London.

Predicts President will ‘Furtively’ Send in Marines

Veteran's Final Facebook Post Goes Viral After Being Killed By Drunk Driver

US | Christian Datoc
Veteran's Final Facebook Post Goes Viral After Being Killed By Drunk Driver On NYE (screenshots: Fox)

Prayers to the DeRemer family

Pentagon Brings 'Lean In' Feminism To The Marine Corps

US | Jonah Bennett
Sheryl Sandberg

‘Don’t wait to be asked—step up when you see dishes in the sink or laundry piling up’

Marine Crushes #MillionStudentMarch Protesters, With A Tweet And One Picture

Education | David Hookstead
(Million Student March, Nicholas Pappas)

‘I wanted money for school, so I marched too’

No Support For Military Right-To-Carry From Obama, Everytown, And Odierno

Gun Laws & Legislation | NRA ILA

Please explain why the military can’t defend themselves

Congressman To Introduce Bill To Arm Military Recruiters In Light Of Chattanooga Shooting

US | Casey Harper
'They have no defense against people who just hate America and hate our military'

The Glaringly Absurd Gun Law In The Middle Of The Chattanooga Shooting Case

US | Casey Harper

‘I was well aware that recruiting stations were considered soft targets’

Helicopter With 6 Marines Goes Missing, But Officials Reportedly Now Know Where It Is

World | Jonah Bennett

‘Right now we are hopeful that there was no crash’

Check Out This Video Of A Tanker Refueling Two F-35s In Midair At The Same Time

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Marine Corps F-35 approaches combat-ready date in July

The F-35 Doesn't Know What's Shooting At it

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Lockheed Martin F35 Italy

‘It’s always a chore to work through what the sensor is actually seeing’

Marine Detains Drunk Driver Fleeing Crash Scene

US | Jude Abeler

‘It sure made me feel a lot better to have a Marine there’

11 Service Members Presumed Dead After Blackhawk Crashes In Florida

US | Reuters
Handout photo of a U.S. Army UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter landing on a ship in the Arabian Gulf

‘Visibility is quite low right now’