Levin Endorses Rubio For Senate Re-Election

Politics | Steve Guest
Mark Levin, Screen Shot LevinTV, 4-4-2016

‘We will need as many reliable judicial originalists as possible in the Senate’

Levin: Under 'Pathetic' Obama Admin, 'Even Our Bathrooms Aren't Safe'

Politics | Steve Guest

North Carolina gov. was ‘blackmailed’ by the Obama administration

Cruz: Levin Won't 'Kiss' Trump's Behind

Elections | Steve Guest

‘You’ll actually ask difficult questions and Donald doesn’t know how to answer them’

Did Marco Rubio Just Endorse Ted Cruz?

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Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio

‘I want the Republican nominee to be a conservative and … the only one that fits that criteria is Ted Cruz’

GOP Establishment Money Funding Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson To Attack Trump

Opinion | Roger Stone
Conservative talk-show host Mark Levin speaks during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference 2016 (SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

What’s the point, the ConservatieTreeHouse.com asks? Smaller government? Yeah, sure.

Levin: Wisconsin Was A 'Crushing Victory For Cruz'

Elections | Steve Guest
Mark Levin, Screen Shot LevinTV, 4-4-2016

And a ‘crushing defeat’ for Trump

Levin Invites Trump And Cruz To Debate One-On-One

Elections | Steve Guest

‘It’s truly a disgrace that Trump won’t stand toe-to-toe and debate Ted Cruz’

Levin: 'I Fear We're Going To Get Blown Out'

Elections | Christian Datoc

‘I can smell this. It doesn’t smell good’

Is This Ted Cruz's Biggest Endorsement Yet?

Elections | Steve Guest

‘Not because he’s the most handsome candidate ever. No, because he’s one of the smartest candidates ever’

Establishment Support For Rubio Will Only Make Trump More Certain To Be The Nominee

Opinion | John M. Ellis
U.S. Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio speaks during a rally at the Texas Station Hotel and Casino in North Las Vegas, Nevada February 21, 2016. REUTERS/Las Vegas Sun/Steve Marcus

With enemies like these, Trump doesn’t need friends.

Levin: Establishment Backs Rubio Because 'They Hate Cruz,' 'Love Amnesty'

Elections | Steve Guest

The Republican establishment wants Rubio and ‘they’re playing footsie with Trump’

Levin: The 'Browning Of America' Does Not Include The 'Browning Of Democrat Leadership'

Elections | Steve Guest
Conservative radio host Mark Levin acknowledges the crowd after speaking at a "Cut Spending Now" rally at the conservative Americans for Prosperity "Defending the American Dream Summit" in Washington

The Democrat Party discriminates ‘as an entity, as an institution’

Cruz Challenges Trump To One-On-One Debate

Elections | Steve Guest
Trump Doubles Down On His Attacks On 'Whack Job' Ted Cruz [images via Getty & CNN screen shot]

Trump is ‘scared’ of Megyn Kelly

Cruz: The Establishment Has Determined Rubio Can't Win So 'They're Rushing Full Speed To Embrace' Trump

Elections | Steve Guest

Cruz says the establishment is coalescing around Trump and conservatives are coalescing around me

Levin Sides With Cruz: Trump Is Bringing Up 'Stupid Issues'

Elections | Steve Guest

‘I’m never going to defend everything that man’s done’

Levin To Trump: 'Cut The Crap' With Attacks On Cruz Or Lose Conservatives' Support

Elections | Derek Hunter

The bestselling author and radio host has had enough of the birther and bank attacks

Listen To Mark Levin's Epic Rant On Obama Selectively Shedding Tears

Politics | Steve Guest

‘I can’t put up with this crap!’

Mark Levin: Because Of Race, Obama Is Reducing Mandatory Minimums On Violent Gun Offenders

Elections | Steve Guest

Obama’s gun policy ‘proposals have nothing to do with anything that’s gone on’

Levin On Omnibus Bill: 'Where Are The Black Civil Rights Leaders? Where Are The Latino Civil Rights Leaders?'

Politics | Steve Guest

‘Low wage visas for foreign workers affect our inner cities more than any other place’