Hillary Is Charging Toronto Residents $2,400 To Come Kiss Her Rings

Politics | David Krayden
U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reacts before boarding her campaign plane at Miami international airport in Miami, Florida, U.S., October 26, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

‘She promises to connect with you so she’s been practising that glassy-eyed stare…’

Tucker Gives The Perfect Analogy For Jim Acosta's Behavior

Politics | Nick Givas

‘The idea that this is some pasty white man’s language is so deranged’

Mark Steyn: 'Some People Want To Kill You For Disagreeing'

World | David Krayden
Mark Steyn (TheDC Video)
He gave an impassioned defense of free speech

Fake Nobel Laureate Gives A Bizarre Speech On How Trump Will Destroy The World

Energy | Michael Bastasch
President Trump Holds Listening Session With County Sheriffs

‘Trump is a threat to a larger global movement’

Mark Steyn's Case Against Climategate Scientist Is Taking So Long A Key Witness DIED

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Mark Steyn with Ginni Thomas

‘Something needed to be done to jumpstart this case’

Climate Scientist Turns The Tables On Dem Senator Trying To Discredit Her

Energy | Michael Bastasch

‘I was basically called a denier — that I’m denying science’

Mark Steyn Slams Democrats For 'Forcing State Ideology' With Global Warming

Energy | Michael Bastasch

‘You’re not dealing with science’

Mark Steyn Will Take On Global Warming Alarmists In Congress

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Mark Steyn (TheDC Video)

‘Science-wise I can hold my own with climate experts’

Ted Cruz To Convene Congressional Hearing To Examine Claims Of Global Warming Activists

Energy | Alex Pappas
Ted Cruz is a 2016 presidential candidate, and is representing Cruz nation well. (Photo: Getty Images)

‘We should take a minute to ensure that these policies are based on real science and real data’

Steyn: Hillary Playing New Game Show With Voters -- 'Are You Dumber Than A Bunch Of Rocks?' [VIDEO]

Politics | Al Weaver

Campaign akin to ‘Beyonce lip synching the national anthem at Obama’s inaugural’

Mark Steyn: Obama Associates Christianity With 'White Imperialism'

World | Al Weaver

‘You dishonor those Kenyan students…by not identifying them as Christians’

Twitter Bans Another Global Warming Skeptic's Account

World | Michael Bastasch
A logo of Twitter is pictured next to the logo of Facebook in this illustration photo in Sarajevo

‘If calling a graph is grounds for suspension, why isn’t @ClimateofGavin suspended?’

Mark Steyn: Obama Administration Has A 'Visceral Dislike Of Israel'

Politics | Al Weaver

‘This is like foreign policy madlibs’

Mark Steyn: 'This Is Queen Mary Antoinette. ... 'Let Them Eat Spin''

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘Americans are the chumps of the planet for putting up with this’