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Steyn: Boehner Does Not Get That Dems Want To Import New Voters With Immigration Reform

Mark Steyn with Ginni Thomas

‘The Democratic Party is importing voters. And John Boehner doesn’t get that’

Mark Steyn reveals what he thinks of Scarborough running for president

You might be surprised

Publisher: No, National Review is not doomed

National Review

No matter what Politico, Salon and The Week say

Mark Steyn to president for revelations of Obamacare difficulties: 'Well, thanks a lot, genius'


‘Thanks for finally figuring out that the real world is more complicated than your faculty lounge abstractions’

Steyn: 'Obama is cool' meme disproved by botched health-care rollout

Columnist says Obamacare launch not living up to the public’s perception of president

Mark Steyn: No reason to believe GOP will ever repeal Obamacare


‘Republicans have been complacent’

Steyn: US government institutions 'utterly repulsive and disgusting'


National Review columnist laments federal government’s inability to make ‘meaningful course correction’

9 conservative pundits who might replace George Will

George Will
Now that Will is leaving 'This Week,' who will replace him?

Mark Steyn a candidate for US Senate?


National Review columnist and sometimes fill-in for Rush Limbaugh open to the possibility

Steyn rips Kennedy for 'pathetic,' 'immature' opinion in DOMA ruling

‘It basically says the guys who did it were motivated only by an antipathy to gay people’

Steyn: Holder taking US from a 'respectable society' to something 'far more sinister'

‘This isn’t small stuff, you know’

Steyn: Dissolve the IRS, require judicial approval for new tax collecting agency's actions

Mark Steyn: Completely overhaul how the government collects taxes, including requiring judicial approval for certain actions.

Mark Steyn: Michele Bachmann 'could have been America's Mrs. Thatcher'

‘She was a fearless, articulate spokesperson for a genuine conservative vision’

Steyn warns of 'serious secession movements' if drift toward socialism not reversed

Columnist skeptical all 50 states will embrace ‘soporific princess fluffy-bunny socialism’

Steyn: Chris Stevens died for 'Obama-Clinton fiction'

‘They let him die, and then told lies over his coffin’

Mark Steyn: Tina Brown 'was glad to have an opportunity to get rid of Howard Kurtz'

National Review columnist mocks Kurtz for ruining an ‘icon gay moment’

Steyn: Media will downplay Boston bomber-Muslim link, same as Ft. Hood, underwear bomber

‘Oh well, these are just lone wolves… None of these guys are ever typical of anything’

Mark Steyn prescribes dose of Thatcherism for ailing GOP

National Review columnist says Republicans need ‘two big Thatcher-sized ideas’ to sell to the American public

Steyn: US needs 'top-to-toe' evaluation of military, national interest [VIDEO]

‘We can’t keep going to war like the world’s biggest NGO’

Steyn declares America 'doomed' in wake of Pop Tart gun suspension [AUDIO]


‘No society can survive this level of stupidity’