Mark Steyn: Obama Administration Has A 'Visceral Dislike Of Israel'

Politics | Al Weaver

‘This is like foreign policy madlibs’

Mark Steyn: 'This Is Queen Mary Antoinette. ... 'Let Them Eat Spin''

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘Americans are the chumps of the planet for putting up with this’

Steyn's Stewart/Charlie Hebdo Contrast: 'When's The Last Time Jon Stewart Told A Joke That Mattered?'

US | Al Weaver

He’s still doing the ‘anti-Bush routine,’ ‘that’s cutting edge comedy’ for him

Mark Steyn Urges Media To 'Man Up'

Video | Al Weaver

‘What the New York Daily News did is absolutely disgraceful and dishonors the dead’

Mark Steyn: Obama Thinks He's Running 'One-Man State'

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘The president’s idea of law is what you can get away with.’

Mark Steyn Lawsuit May Be Among The Most Crucial Freedom Of Speech Cases Of Recent Memory

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

‘Were he to win Americans would be left with fewer speech rights than you have in England, Australia and Canada’

Mark Steyn: Ben Stein Was 'Exactly Right' On 'Self-Defeating Blacks'

US | Alex Griswold

‘We spend so much time on these phony racism conversations…’

Canada Will Be Intimidated

Opinion | Theo Caldwell
A police officer closes off the scene near the Canada War Memorial following a shooting incident in Ottawa

In the aftermath of an attack we praise those who acted bravely, but don’t follow them.

Mark Steyn: Obama Owes Americans 'Candor And Truth' On Islamic Extremism

Politics | Al Weaver

Obama doesn’t ‘have the will even to acknowledge the enemy that we’re trying to fight’

Mark Steyn On Hillary Clinton: 'I Don't Believe She Will Run' In 2016

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

‘I don’t believe the American people want to spend another eight years with the Clintons’

Mark Steyn: It Doesn't Matter If The GOP Win The Midterms. Here's Why

Politics | Al Weaver

‘The left is brilliant at framing the debate’

Mark Steyn: Obama Has 'No Interest In Driving A Stake' Through ISIS

Politics | Al Weaver

Obama more worried about winning in November than vs. ISIS, says conservative commentator

Steyn: Boehner Does Not Get That Dems Want To Import New Voters With Immigration Reform

Politics | Caroline May
Mark Steyn with Ginni Thomas

‘The Democratic Party is importing voters. And John Boehner doesn’t get that’

Mark Steyn reveals what he thinks of Scarborough running for president

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

You might be surprised

Publisher: No, National Review is not doomed

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
National Review

No matter what Politico, Salon and The Week say

Mark Steyn to president for revelations of Obamacare difficulties: 'Well, thanks a lot, genius'

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘Thanks for finally figuring out that the real world is more complicated than your faculty lounge abstractions’

Steyn: 'Obama is cool' meme disproved by botched health-care rollout

Politics | Jeff Poor

Columnist says Obamacare launch not living up to the public’s perception of president

Mark Steyn: No reason to believe GOP will ever repeal Obamacare

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘Republicans have been complacent’

Steyn: US government institutions 'utterly repulsive and disgusting'

Politics | Jeff Poor

National Review columnist laments federal government’s inability to make ‘meaningful course correction’

9 conservative pundits who might replace George Will

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
George Will
Now that Will is leaving 'This Week,' who will replace him?