Conservatives Worry Congress Will Trade One Internet Tax For Another

Business | Peter Fricke
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Permanent ban on Internet access taxes could be stymied if combined with online sales tax (again)

Senate Must Pass Clean Internet Tax Ban With No Internet Sales Tax

Opinion | Christopher D. Coursen
Internet wires. Reuters.

For all the beneficiaries of the Internet tax ban, this spells trouble and must be stopped.

Chaffetz Introduces Online Sales Tax Bill

Business | Peter Fricke

Compromise bill seeks to build support for internet sales tax by simplifying collection process

Internet Tax Ban Passes House, But Could Stall In Senate

Business | Peter Fricke

House unanimously passes ban on Internet access taxes, but Senate may demand inclusion of online sales tax bill

The Thin Thread Protecting Us From Taxation Without Representation

Opinion | Grover Norquist

The Supreme Court is one vote from reversing the ‘physical nexus’ standard.

Congress Poised To Make Online Shopping More Expensive

Business | Peter Fricke

‘E-fairness’ bill would allow states to collect sales taxes from Internet commerce

Virginia Gas Tax Rises After Online Sales Tax Bill Stalls

US | Peter Fricke
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) speaks at a news conference on the anticipated House passage of the USA Freedom Act on Capitol Hill in Washington May 22, 2014. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

‘I warned state officials last year that this was a very complicated issue’

Will Congress Kill Cyber Monday Deals?

Business | Peter Fricke

Taxes may be coming to online purchases

Activists Clamor To Keep Internet Tax-Free

Business | Peter Fricke
Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet Software and Service, introduces Apple Pay during an Apple event at the Flint Center in Cupertino

Congress should ‘finish its work this year’

Costly Internet Tax Could Be On The Horizon

Tech | Rachel Stoltzfoos
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‘Yet another drag’

House Votes To Eliminate Internet Tax Forever

Politics | Jonah Bennett

‘Prevents a surprise tax hike on Americans’

Laffer: E-Commerce Sales Taxes Could Boost State Economies

Business | Peter Fricke

Favors cutting other taxes

Amazon sales drop in states with Internet sales tax

Business | Breanna Deutsch

‘It has been their competitive advantage’

Chris Christie's internet sales tax by another name

Opinion | Cassidy Golwick

The NJ governor’s new budget essentially implements the Marketplace Fairness Act

Collecting sales tax on online purchases is easy. I know because my business has been doing it.

Opinion | K.C. Walsh

Comparing the Marketplace Fairness Act to Obamacare is silly.

The Marketplace Fairness Act will be as hard to implement as Obamacare

Opinion | McKane Davis

Costly, complicated website? Check. Rammed-through legislative process? Check.

This state will tax your online shopping

Business | Sarah Hurtubise
Online Sales Taxes

‘If it’s a business in Colorado, then the state can go after them’

The Marketplace Fairness Act's audit risk

Opinion | Kevin Hickey

The internet sales tax will expose thousands of companies to audits in jurisdictions where they have no presence.

Laffer vs. Norquist: Reagan supply-siders spar

Politics | Sarah Hurtubise

Online tax bill passed Senate, headed to House

Marketplace Fairness Act not overly burdensome for small biz

Opinion | Donnie Eatherly

The concerns about the MFA are overblown.