martha mcsally

Martha McSally Alleges High School Track Coach Manipulated Her To Have Sex With Him

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'Emotional manipulation'

Martha McSally Speaks Truth About National Guard Deployment: 'We Can't Afford Not' To Do It

Politics | Nick Givas
'Until the Democrats stop obstructing'

Arizona GOP Lawmaker Goes Nuclear Against California's Sanctuary Laws

US | Chris White
'Keep these dangerous criminals out of our state'

Steve King Throws His Support Behind A Candidate In The Arizona Senate Race

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'A fighter for America First policies'

Martha McSally Response To Dems Stonewalling On DACA Is Exactly What You'd Expect From A Fighter Pilot

Politics | Nick Givas
'It's infuriating'

Top Republican Says Dems Should 'Get Over' Idea Of Clean Dream Act

Politics | Will Racke
'It's not happening'

Sheriff Joe Has A Challenger For Jeff Flake's Senate Seat, And It's This Former Fighter Pilot

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'Grow a pair of ovaries'

'Sheriff Joe' Gets YUGE Bump In Poll Numbers

Politics | Phillip Stucky
'I have a lot to offer'

Flashback: 298 Red Precincts In Arizona Rejected Sheriff Joe

Politics | Phillip Stucky
'Possible he splits the #MAGA vote'

FBI Nabs Man Who Wanted To Wring Congresswoman's Neck

US | Amber Randall
'Can't wait to pull the trigger'

Arizona Congresswoman Takes Credit For Saving Tomahawk Missiles

National Security | Thomas Phippen
'I have successfully advocated in Congress to keep the Tomahawk missile line'

DHS Says Illegal Immigration Dropped 90% Over Past Decade

US | Thomas Phippen
But DHS won't say how it knows

Congress: Every Dollar Spent On Military Bands Is A Dollar Not Spent On Defense

Politics | Thomas Phippen
No more fife and drum at fancy dinner parties

Rep. McSally Lobs $100 Million At A-10 Naysayers

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'This amendment sends another strong signal that Congress backs the A-10 and supports keeping them flying'

Rep Wants Air Force Spending Less Time Playing Tuba, More Time Fixing Planes

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'If we really had a manning crisis...we would really tell people to put down the tuba and pick up a wrench or a gun'

Has The US Lost Its Nerve? McSally Argues Extreme Caution Over Civilian Casualties Is Hurting War Against ISIS

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'We have not taken the fight to these guys'

ISIS Better Watch Out: Second A-10 Unit Just Deployed To Iraq And Syria

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
'We believe that the A-10 Warthog should be sustained until a suitable replacement exists'

Former Pilot: It's Pretty Simple, No A-10 Means More Dead Troops

US | Jonah Bennett
'It's one of our most lethal aircraft'

Chief DOD Weapons Tester: First F-35s Just Can't Match The Might Of The A-10s

US | Jonah Bennett
'This [F-35B] reminds me of something before the A-10, not something after the A-10'

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