News That Could Make You Want To Retch

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Donald Trump

Grab the barf bag.

Breitbart Reporter Gets Himself Validated In His Own Story

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WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 26:  First lady Michelle Obama holds two thumbs up at the end of the fourth annual Kitchen Garden spring planting March 26, 2012 at the White House in Washington, DC. School kids from all around the nation joined the first lady for the annual planting.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

That’s so sweet of him.

Sen. Cruz Totally Trashes Reporter In New Book

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Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz

‘When leadership is displeased, they place hit pieces’

Twitter Smackdown! Breitbart's Boyle Does Not Know What A Flack Is

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Bulls fight during the Nepalese Maghesangranti festival at Taraka village in Nuwakot district, some 80 kms from Kathmandu, on January 15, 2014. Thousands of spectators travel from the surrounding villages to witness the spectacle, in which 14 buffalos are paired off to compete. The winner is the bull that grounds or chases off its opponent. AFP PHOTO/Prakash MATHEMA        (Photo credit should read PRAKASH MATHEMA/AFP/Getty Images)

To his credit, he doesn’t let it slow him down.

Is Donald Trump Running For President Just To Troll BuzzFeed?

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Hey, anything’s possible.

The Male Journalists Who Follow Jenna Jameson On Twitter Might Surprise You

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Who? Jenna Jameson. Working Title: "Bustin' Out." Tagline: One girl's journey from scorn to porn and then back to scorn. Potential Cast: Scarlett Johansson as Jenna Jameson; Betty White as Jenna Jameson's lady parts.

Hope you are sitting down.

Morning Mirror

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Matthew Boyle Will Turn Up The Heat At Upcoming Tea Party Conference

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Matthew Boyle NRA News

Yes, that Matthew Boyle

AWWWWWW! Cruz Family Snuggles Up With Breitbart News

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So cute

Separated At Birth: Rep. Louie Gohmert

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Sure, they’re both balding but it’s more than that

Breitbart News Admires Donald Trump's Toilet

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Donald Trump

A man’s toilet speaks volumes about him

Holder Announces Updates To Justice Dept. Media Guidelines

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President Obama meets with the My Brother' Keeper Task Force

Supposedly this will protect the American people and the press

Mediaite Bashes Breitbart In Worst In Media Awards

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Being stenographers for Trump and Palin is no way to live life

Trump On Jeb: 'This Country Doesn't Need Another Bush'

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Will he actually run this time?

HuffPost Reporter Spearheads Ridicule Of Breitbart's Boyle

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Matthew Boyle

I know you are but what am I?

5 Dumbest Tweets Of The Week

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