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Obamacare Sponsor Max Baucus Also Suggested Subsidies Were For State Exchanges Only

‘Conditions to participate in the exchange’

The top congressional offices for K Street paydays

Hoyer arrives for a news conference to call for a vote in the House on immigration reform legislation, at the U.S. Capitol in Washington
See where the door revolves most

Congress allows wind tax subsidies to fizzle out

Germany Energy.JPEG

Unforced air

ANALYSIS: Baucus energy tax plan comes with dubious benefits

Sen. Max Baucus
'We don't know what the costs and benefits of any of this are going to be'

Obama names Baucus as ambassador to China

Sen. Max Baucus

‘For more than two decades Max Baucus has worked to deepen the relationship between the United States and China’

Democrats push to extend green energy tax subsidies

Sen. Baucus questions HHS Secretary Sebelius during Senate Finance Committee hearing about "Obamacare" on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘They remain critical’

Study: Wind subsidies cost non-wind states hundreds of millions of dollars

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‘Please support our states’

Baucus tax plan silent on green energy tax credits

Sen. Baucus questions HHS Secretary Sebelius during Senate Finance Committee hearing about "Obamacare" on Capitol Hill in Washington
'People's jobs are at stake'

Read which top Senate Democrat is open to delaying the individual mandate

Sen. Baucus talks to reporters at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

‘Maybe we should start thinking about delaying the penalties’

Poll: Carbon tax costs lawmakers votes

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Since Obama called on Congress to take action on global warming, some lawmakers have been scrambling to garner support for a tax on carbon dioxide emissions.

Baucus: Interest in carbon tax is 'creeping up'

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Senate will consider legislation that would put a gradually rising tax on carbon dioxide emissions

Congressional investigators vow to expand IRS investigation

IRS Political Groups

Dave Camp: claim that IRS targeting was not planned ‘rises to the level of wrongdoing’

Bloomberg demands donors cut off Democrats opposed to gun control

Bloomberg Climate Change

‘These Senators made a calculated vote designed to pander to the gun lobby in anticipation of their next election’

Rep. Roskam: Tax reform is IRS scandal 'silver lining' - TheDCNF

US Libya

‘[T]he tax code is so burdensome and complex that Americans spend an average of 13 hours a year trying to comply’

Washington launches four different investigations into IRS scandal

IRS Political Groups Rallies

Your guide to the front-runners, the backsliders and the middling muddlers

Baucus: 'I doubt very much' IRS letter led to tougher audits on conservatives

Health Overhaul Angst.JPEG

Senate Finance Committee Chair urged agency to look into conservative nonprofits

Baucus, now investigating IRS, urged IRS to target conservative groups in 2010

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‘Serious questions about whether such organizations are operating in compliance’

Baucus acknowledges retirement decision

Max Baucus Retirement

Montana senator says it felt ‘great’ to decide on retirement

Baucus to retire

Health Overhaul Angst.JPEG

Montana Democrat will leave Senate next year

Unlikely Senate millionaire surtax a likely 2012 talking point - TheDC

Harry Reid

Democrat proposal may not pass, but could hurt GOP in 2012 elections