medal of honor

Trump Celebrates World War II Veteran With Playful Jab At Pro Golfer

US | Julia Nista

Trump Follows Up Tender Moment With Unforgettable One-Liner

Military | John Wellington
'Tell me she voted for Trump'

Before Awarding The Medal Of Honor, Trump Pauses To Pray

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'No words can express'

Medal Of Honor Recipient Offers To Get In A Cage With Peter Fonda After Vile Threats

Entertainment | Virginia Kruta
'I have a great idea'

Trump Presents Congressional Medal Of Honor

US | Saagar Enjeti
'Heroically led the remainder'

Navy SEAL To Receive Medal Of Honor For Leading Mission To Rescue Fallen Teammate

Defense | Will Racke
'A daring assault'

Here's What This First Lieutenant Did To Earn The Medal Of Honor From Trump

US | Joseph Lafave
Absolutely legendary

Celebrate National Medal Of Honor Day With These 7 Photos Of American Heroes

Slideshow | Jena Greene
These are the real American heroes

These Are The Medal Of Honor Recipients Who Will Be Honored At The Super Bowl

Sports | Katie Jerkovich
They are all heroes.

Vietnam Medic Set To Receive Medal Of Honor -- 47 Years After Secret Mission

US | Liam Clancy
A true tale of unheralded courage.

Reenactors Unveil First Monument To Canadians Who Fought In The Civil War

World | David Krayden
'The story of Canada's involvement in the Civil War is not well-known or well-told.'

Trump To Award First Medal Of Honor To Vietnam War Combat Medic

US | Saagar Enjeti
'It's an award for my men, for Charlie Company'

This Legendary Marine Was Such A Hero He Nearly Won THREE Medals Of Honor

US | Marc Sterne
'The outstanding Marine of all time'

Mattis Speeds Up Approval Process For Military Valor Medals

World | Saagar Enjeti
'Should be high up there on the priority'

49 Years Ago, This Priest Earned 3 Purple Hearts And A Medal Of Honor

US | Jonah Bennett
'When I opened my eyes, he looked directly at me'

Vietnam Pilot Receives Medal Of Honor Nearly 50 Years After Incredible Mission

Military | Dan Chaison
'Quintessentially American'

Read About The Courageous Acts That Earned This Vietnam Pilot The Medal Of Honor

US | Dan Chaison
'Deadly fire was received from multiple directions'

Navy SEAL To Receive Medal Of Honor For Rescue Mission In Afghanistan

US | Alexa Santry
First living Navy service member to receive the award since 1998

Jeb Bush To Run Ad Featuring Medal of Honor Recipients

Politics | Alex Pappas
'This is no reality show'

AMERICAN BADASS: Army Captain Earns Medal Of Honor. See Why

US | David Hookstead
He sustained serious wounds

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