MSNBC Host DESTROYS Media Matters Founder's Flimsy Defense Of Hillary

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘You don’t find it a problem at all…?’

Sharyl Attkisson: Media Matters Just A 'Paid, Left-Wing Blog'

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘They’re very closely associated with Hilary Clinton and the Obama administration’

Fox's 'The Five' SLAMS Media Matters: 'Inaccurate, Erroneous And Shameful'

Politics | Alex Griswold

They did NOT appreciate a hit piece against Kimberly Guilfoyle

After Battle With Liberal Boss, Media Matters Employees Unionize

Politics | Tristyn Bloom

It only took 10 years!

Pro-Union Liberal Group Might Finally Let Its Own Workers Unionize

Politics | Tristyn Bloom
Columbus Rally for the Middle Class

Maybe not ridiculous hypocrites after all

'Faith For Hillary' Leader Works For Liberal Group That Targets Christians

Politics | Patrick Howley

‘A conservative, Christian-influenced ideology’

Media Matters Employees Are Now Publicly Attacking Their Bosses

Politics | Christopher Bedford
David Brock. Getty Images.

Hypocrisy hits hard at home

Media Matters' Brock: We Appreciate Soros Funding To Pursue Journalists

Politics | Patrick Howley
Billionaire investor Soros attends WEF in Davos

What the heck is up with David Brock’s hair, voice and ability to interact with others?

CBS rejects, Media Matters attacks Sharyl Attkisson's claim of liberal bias

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

‘Shoddy reporting’

Media Matters lawyers up in response to unionization petition

Daily Caller News Foundation | Chuck Ross

Unions for thee but not for me

David Brock blasts 'smutmongers' despite running group that smears conservatives

Politics | Alex Pappas
David Brock Media Matters McAuliffe Fundraiser

American Bridge and Media Matters exist to smear opponents

MORNING BRO: The Politico is real hard on Media Matters

Politics | Morning Bro

Smart interviews here

The Politico forgets that Hillary Clinton's people invented birtherism

Opinion | Christopher Bedford
Hillary Clinton waves. Getty Images.

And a few other things

Word cops at Media Matters hate on Fox News for using 'the H-word'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon
Bret Baier

It has a ‘pejorative connotation’

Huh? Media Matters attacks Fox for allowing debate on plus-size Disney princesses

Politics | Vince Coglianese
Media Matters founder David Brock (YouTube Screen Grab)

For having a guest with an opinion CBS News is biased... against Obama

Daily Caller News Foundation | Sarah Hurtubise
What's the frequency, Kenneth?

Media Matters still hearts Al-Jazeera

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
Al-Jazeera America

The love affair continues with Al-Jazeera America

Media Matters' campaign against Rush Limbaugh hurt progressive talk radio

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘A lot of advertisers right across the board said just pull me out of all talk radio’

Hillary Super PAC fundraiser linked to Soros, Media Matters

Politics | Patrick Howley

‘It’s not about raising millions of dollars, it’s about getting millions of users’