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WaPo Relied On Information From A Leftist Org -- And It Backfired Big Time

Media | Joe Simonson
The co-founder has been allegedly seen at a pro-North Korea protest

REPORT: It Would Take 1,272 Days To Read The US Regulatory Code

Politics | Michael Bastasch
'104.6 million words of federal regulation'

Gov't-Funded Internet Projects Are Wasting Billions Of Taxpayer Dollars

Business | Eric Lieberman
'The city clearly knew the project would be unable to generate enough revenue'

New Study Finds Most Financially Stable States Are Red

US | Phillip Stucky
All States At The Top Of Financial Responsibility List Run By Republicans

Every American Would Be $13,000 Richer If Regulations Were Frozen In 1980

US | Guy Bentley
US economy is 25 percent smaller thanks to federal regulations

Antonin Scalia Is Going To Have A Law School Named For Him

Education | Blake Neff
New name purchased with $30 million donation to George Mason

Saudi Arabia Just Shattered OPEC, Won't Reduce Oil Production

Energy | Andrew Follett
'There is no sense wasting our time seeking production cuts'

Study: Poorest Americans Will Have To Pay More For Food Thanks To FDA Regulations

US | Guy Bentley
'Regulations will actually have the same effect as a tax on food consumption because farmers and food producers will have to pass on the costs of the regulations in the form of higher prices'

On Crony Capitalism, Graham Breaks From GOP White House Rivals By Supporting It

Opinion | David Williams
Senator Graham should seriously reconsider his stance on the Export-Import Bank.

Study: 'Sharing Economy' Trumps Government Regulations

Business | Peter Fricke
Internet obviates need for costly regulations to reduce information asymmetry

GOP Takes 'Vital First Step' Toward Repealing Dodd-Frank

Business | Peter Fricke
Sen. Shelby proposes reforms to scale back excessive financial regulations

Thiel: Lawyers Shouldn't Be In Charge Of Tech Investment

Business | Peter Fricke
Thiel: government, society combine to stifle unconventional ideas

Coal Could Just Be The Game Changer For Key Bank Debate

Business | Peter Fricke
'Coal is a sensitive subject for Democrats, and could be a deal breaker for some members'

Small Businesses Take Center Stage In Ex-Im Debate

Business | Peter Fricke
Critics say Ex-Im's rebranding effort likely to fall flat

Study: Taxes On Guity Pleasures Punish The Poor

US | Peter Fricke
Consumption of unhealthy products barely affected by sin taxes

Knee-Jerk Banking Regulations Could Create Another Financial Crisis

Business | Peter Fricke
Mercatus scholar says flood of new, poorly thought out regulations threatens to overwhelm small banks

Occupational Licensing Kills Competition, And The Consumer Eats It

Business | Peter Fricke
Mercatus study claims opticians have higher earning in states with licensing laws, but finds no difference in service quality

Tesla Appeals To Texas Pride In Attacks On Franchises

Business | Peter Fricke
Anti-competitive dealer requirements targeted by Tesla, free-market advocates.

Econ Fail: This Is Why Stimulus Packages Never Work

Business | Peter Fricke
Research shows most stimulus programs are not timely, targeted, or temporary

College Professors Are Mad Republicans Think They Should Work 40 Hours A Week

Education | Blake Neff
Millions of educators classified as 'full time' for short work weeks

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