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Report: Private sector SHRANK in 41 states under Obama

Obama speaks about healthcare in Washington
'More severe than the official economic data indicates'

Feds ride in on the Wild West of currency

Bitcoins Rise

Read what they want to regulate next

Report: Federal finance rules increased before 2008 crisis

Wall Street Premarket.JPEG

‘I think we’re going to end up with worse problems in the future’

Report: Silicon Valley spending big bucks on lobbyists

Barack Obama and Eric Schmidt at Google. Getty Images.

Think tank warns of lobbying ‘arms race’

The 'super committee' circus: Much ado about nothing? - TheDC

Struggling Supercommitee.JPEG

Expert: Automatically triggered cuts ‘the best thing that could happen’

Too many conservatives getting it wrong on debt commission and taxes

Why do so many conservatives support the Simpson-Bowles proposal?

A better partnership for protection

This year, as millions celebrate Earth Day, we should also raise a chorus of celebration for those rural Namibians who have done so much to protect their extraordinary environment

Argument for soda tax all washed up

In obesity politics, it’s easy to single out and demonize certain foods and beverages, of which sugary sodas are apparently the easiest target. But political cooks in the state policy kitchens should take this particular morsel off the menu

Broken government or big government?

The system isn’t really broken; government is just too big

Regulating produce safety

With the release of a report on the costs of illnesses caused by unsafe produce, the pressure is intense on Congress to pass far reaching food safety legislation and on FDA to produce regulation

New Jersey’s first step forward on pensions

States across the country, with some notable exceptions such as Florida and Oregon, have massively underfunded state pension funds

Ripping the Band-Aid off budget gaps

Lawmakers must remember that while no one likes to see public services revoked, each state has room to save money and improve efficiency by looking for government waste in all departments and programs.