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This Major NFL Quarterback Has Finally Returned From Injury To Play Again

Sports | David Hookstead
It's big news

Stoneman Douglas Survivors Invited To Announce NFL Draft

Sports | Jena Greene

Former Dolphins Offensive Tackle Released From Mental Health Treatment

Sports | Jena Greene
He'll still be monitored at all times

Ex-Dolphins Cheerleader Claims Discrimination Over Her Virginity [PHOTOS]

Sports | Katie Jerkovich
'But yet a football player can publicly announce whatever he believes...'

Danny Amendola And Olivia Culpo May Have Just Broken Up

Sports | Jena Greene
He deleted all his Instagram photos with her

Former NFL Player Jonathan Martin Hit With Multiple Charges Over Instagram Post

Sports | David Hookstead
It's a tragic situation

Dolphins Defensive Lineman Slams Tax Reform: 'Uncle Sam' Takes Too Much

Sports | Jena Greene
It's a compelling thought

Baker Mayfield Won't Attend 2018 NFL Draft As Miami Speculation Heats Up

Sports | Jena Greene
Is #GetMeToMiami happening?

Baker Mayfield Make It Very Clear What NFL Team He Wants To Draft Him

Sports | David Hookstead
Would it be a great fit?

These 'Star Wars' Inspired Helmets For Monday Night Football Are Too Cool

Sports | Ford Springer
'The force is strong on Monday night'

Jarvis Landry's Alleged Domestic Violence Video Released

Sports | Matt Candler
Police are saying it was an accident

This Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Is Making Waves On The Internet

Sports | David Hookstead

Joe Flacco Is Lucky He Walked Away From This Brutal Hit

Sports | David Hookstead
It's one of the worst hits we've ever seen

Kaepernick Fans Are Freaking Over This News

Editorial | David Hookstead
It's about to get real entertaining

Casual Reminder That Ryan Tannehill's Wife Is An Absolute Smoke

Sports | David Hookstead
Her Instagram is very impressive

Miami Dolphins Coach Resigns Following Release Of Snorting Lines Video

Sports | David Hookstead
It's not a good thing to be doing

Miami Dolphins Coach Ripping Lines Of White Powder Is Not The Greatest Look

Sports | David Hookstead
What was he thinking?

Jay Cutler Proves Once Again Why He's NFL Entertainment Gold

Sports | David Hookstead
He's incredible

Three Dolphins Kneel For The Anthem--But Stand For God Save The Queen [VIDEO]

Sports | Amber Athey

Former Miami Dolphins Player Assaults Two Police Officers

Sports | Hannah Simmons
He didn't make it any better for himself

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