michael bennett

Watch Michael Bennett Get Taken Into Police Custody

Sports | Jena Greene
He was taken into custody on Monday

Michael Bennett's Publisher Thinks Felony Charge Is Racially Motivated

| David Hookstead
What do you think?

Michael Bennett Charged For Allegedly Attacking An Elderly Paraplegic Victim

Sports | Jena Greene
'Bodily injury'

Michael Bennett Will Be Traded To The Philadelphia Eagles

Sports | Jena Greene
Philly has a new villain

ESPN Airs Special On Player Who Lied About Police Encounter To Seem Like A Victim

Sports | Ford Springer

NFL Star Abandons National Anthem Protests -- Stands To Honor The Troops

Sports | Jena Greene
People took notice

Michael Bennett Thinks Being A Millionaire NFL Player Is Similar To Slavery

Sports | David Hookstead
It makes no sense

Las Vegas Police: Video Undercuts NFL Star's Racism Claims

Sports | Chuck Ross
Michael Bennett claimed he was targeted for being black

Michael Bennett Claims Police Googled Him During Confrontation Then Stopped Harassment

Sports | David Hookstead
It's a crazy story

The NFL's Leadership Is Pushing Fans Away With Politics

Opinion | Ron Hosko
Commissioner Roger Goodell has allowed the league to become a soapbox.

REPORT: Michael Bennett Ran From Police, Disobeyed Orders Before Getting Cuffed

Sports | David Hookstead
What is the truth?

Fansided Founder Erases Any Doubt Whether Or Not He's An Insufferable Person

Sports | David Hookstead
He seems like fun at a party

Some People Don't Want Anybody Questioning Michael Bennett's Story

Sports | David Hookstead
We should be asking questions

Seattle Seahawks Star Claims Police Threatened To Blow His Head Off

Sports | David Hookstead
The details are crazy

NFL Players Show Their Ignorance In Defense Of Kaepernick

Sports | Ford Springer
They think they have it all figured out

Senators Stand Up For Canned Beer In Looming Aluminum Trade War

US | Thomas Phippen
'Our prices will go up'

Colorado To Trump: Overturn EPA's Refusal To Pay Claims On Mine Spill

Energy | Chris White
'We plan to work with ... the next administration to bring justice'

Check Out The BEST Moments From The Circus That Is Super Bowl Media Day

Sports | Christian Datoc
'I'm here so I don't get fined.'

NFL Player Celebrates Winning NFC Championship In the Most Seattle Way Possible

Sports | Christian Datoc
Drive it like you stole it

Kerry, DSCC endorse Markey to replace Kerry in Senate

Politics | Alexis Levinson
Mass. Democrat thanks supporters by lashing out at GOP, tea party, wealthy

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