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Girls Night! Michelle Obama And Daughters Spotted At Beyonce And Jay Z Concert

(Photo: Getty Images)

‘#NoBiggie #MichelleObama #fun #selfie #redlips’

Ted Cruz: 'Astonished (And Amused) That HBO Is Suggesting That Hard-Core Leftists Are Blood-Sucking Fiends'

‘Well, I’m sorry to have lost the vampire vote’

Michelle Obama Brings Children To White House To Promote Agenda

‘It’s good for our companies’ bottom lines’

You Won't Believe What Michelle Obama Said Instead Of Fire Fight

‘Just try putting yourselves in their shoes for just a moment’

Served! School Nutrition Summit Reportedly Excludes Michelle Obama's Nutrition Adviser

Chef won’t get chance to rally the troops

Boko Haram Mocks #BringBackOur Girls [VIDEO]

‘I trust in Allah’

Schools Forced To Cut Back On Bake Sales To Abide By Michelle Obama-Inspired Regulations

‘If I thought I could generate revenue selling carrot sticks, I could tear it up’

Morning Mirror


Watch Obama Wasting Taxpayer Dollars [SLIDESHOW]

The Presidency can be very stressful. Luckily, our current President gets ample opportunity to relax.

Joan Rivers Goes Off: Obama Is Gay And Michelle Is A 'Tranny'

In typical Joan Rivers fashion

Obama's Most Trusted Adviser Valerie Jarrett Open To Running For Office

Jarrett is a longtime Obama staffer and family friend

The First Parent Of The United States


What really bothers Michelle Obama is that schools are rejecting her costly lunch program.

First Lady Uses Racial Slur, Gets Away With It

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama delivers remarks at a Naturalization Ceremony at the National Archives in Washington

‘The first thing I tried to do, which was a mistake…’

BOOK: The Obamas FOUGHT, Slept In Separate Bedrooms On Vacation

President Obama gives Michelle Obama a kiss during a talent show at the White House in Washington

‘He smoked cigarettes and didn’t try to hide it’

Bath Time

bath time mirror 7 x 3

Obama Gets Cheeky With Queen Máxima

(Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

He’s just so damn charming!